Yeremy Pino and Fer Niño, united by the ball

LThe friendship that has been forged in the lower categories of the Villarreal Come in Yeremy Pino and Fer Niño He has crossed the touch line and has been fully noticed on the pitch. This was demonstrated by both footballers in Almendralejo last friday before Russia with two goals each and two assists from the canary on the Roteño. Today’s player Majorca at the tip of the attack and the The palms one line behind they completed the work of the U21 in the first match of the qualifying phase for the 2023 European.

With only 15 years he entered Fer Child in the quarry of the Castellón group, the same ones that added a Yeremy that unlike his friend he has been climbing through all the lower categories of the national team. From the sub 16 to the last Olympic team through the sub 17 team, the sub 18, the sub 19 and now the sub 21, with which I could repeat European after being this year in Slovenia.

Football things, the truth is that despite the fact that adding so many years defending the yellow jersey they have not coincided in too many games on the green in professional football. Kid climbed very fast to the first team and barely went through a Villarreal C in which he played only six games, almost all of them in which Yeremy he was with the national team.

Luis’s trust

But this lack of minutes together does not prevent Yeremy know the movement that his teammates are going to make, a mouse in the area as he sees it and a more than complete striker to Luis de la Fuente. The coach has always taken the footballer into account until he was finally able to take him to the final phase of the last European Under 21 in front of players like Dani gomez, attacker of I raised.

About the game of both, From the source highlights: “They form a good relationship between two players who have been working together in the same club for a long time. We can benefit in the national team because of that good understanding. They have a lot of quality. That connection should always go for the benefit of the team. stand out only at the individual level, I want them to do so at the collective level. You have to put that talent at the service of the team, “says a Luis de la Fuente that will have both in the attack for the appointment against Lithuania.

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