Yeremy Pino: “I will never regret renewing because Villarreal is my life”

At Villarreal they do not hide their satisfaction for the renewal of its great pearl, Yeremy pine. The smile of its president, Fernando Roig he betrayed him in the act of staging the agreement with the footballer. The young Canarian player, for his part, is totally convinced of his decision to renew until 2027 for the yellow team. Despite knowing the great interest of top-level teams, the youth squad has agreed to allow the club to place its price in the 80 million euros that reads its new clause since does not think of a short-term exit

Grateful to the club: “I am very grateful for the trust from the first day. I have grown up with colleagues from the residence, with several canaries who facilitated it. I arrived very young and the support of my family has been very important, which has never lowered its arms in my moments hard. We are still on our feet and we have to give much more for Villarreal and for very beautiful things to arrive “

“I still play soccer in the park with my friends”

Why you stay: “This club is the one he trusted me from the first moment, I never had any hesitation to come here and turn down a lot of great clubs. It is incredible for me to share the dressing room with great players, see Cazorla the other day have breakfast with us here, players who have been my idols since I was little. I am very young but this club has made everything very easy for me and the coach who has given me his confidence from the first training session.

My head from the first moment has been here, in the club that has given everything for me and I for them

Yeremy Pino, Villarreal player.

80 million clause:“I don’t care about the clause, I want to be here for many years. I am very happy for what they have done for me and I want to continue many more. I want to give everything the club, the fans and the “mister” deserve.

What does Villarreal have that others do not: “Just seeing how the quarry is worked, how young colleagues come up to train every two by three is a very great pride. I have lived it all these years and that reflects that it is a real quarry club. That is what most fills inside and outside. I will never regret what I have done because Villarreal is my life, it is in my heart and it always will be “

It has been always skipped categories: “I arrived as a cadet and the following year I went to junior Roda. A year later I asked to go to C because I think I deserved it. It cost but they gave it to me. The club has pushed me up and I have responded on the field “

Goal by Yeremy Pino (0-1) at Young Boys 1-4 Villarreal

Qatar World Cup: “we have to keep working to be able to be in the World Cup in Qatar. I am very excited after these last two calls, for the many people who have called me. Now I have to work for the team to do better, which is the important thing, and to be able to play and score goals and for the national team to bet on me. “

Dreams to achieve: “It is difficult to achieve so many things so soon and from the club they have always congratulated me. What I dream of now is day-to-day, in qualify for the eighth of the Champions League, because after to win the Europa League we would be left with a bad taste in our mouths if we don’t. On League we are going to get up, we have to be as high as possible because we have a magnificent squad “

Youth in selection: “It is difficult to see such young players in the senior team, we are super grateful, but if you give confidence to young people of that age I am convinced that there are many who would respond very well because they would leave everything

Roig: “Here we believe in the quarry but we really do”

The Valencian president, Fernando Roig, urged the player to continue working after his spectacular appearance in the world of professional football: “It is a satisfaction for us, he is a very important player for him. Villarreal, an example of what we want. He came from Las Palmas with 14 years and in 5 he has reached the absolute.

In football they don’t give anything away and you have to continually make an effort so that they don’t go over the top. If there is an offer in the future, we will see the best for all parties as always. My hope is that before 2027 we will renew again. What you have to do will come. I encourage you to work. What he has achieved is very important at his age, but he has a long career ahead of him and he must continue. You must take good care of yourself, pay attention to veterans like Raúl Albiol, whowho have been through what he has gone through “

Bet on the quarry: “Of all the squad nine players have passed through the quarry, We believe in the quarry but we really do. We do what we say. Our subsidiary is the leader in Primera RFEF, it is our project. We work like Sevilla, Betis, Real Sociedad do … many teams do. If you have young people, you have to have a projection to get there. Do not put roofs. Here they can play and develop, as Pau, Chukwueze, Yeremy have done ..You have to put enough resources from the club so that they can develop them

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