Yukatel Merkezefendi Municipality Basket – HDI Insurance Afyon Municipality: 87-79

Yukatel Merkezefendi Belediye Basket defeated HDI Sigorta Afyon Municipality 87-79 in the 5th week match of ING Basketball Super League. Denizli representative experienced the joy of getting his second victory in the league in the 5th week after 2 defeats in a row.

The match started with the points that both teams found mutually. Yukatel Merkezefendi Municipality Basket finished the first 10 minutes of the match, which was the scene of contention, 25-22 superior. Tarolis, who became a star by finding 9 in the first part of the match, could not prevent his team from falling behind. Starting the second period effectively with Upson and Hollowell points, the home team took the lead 32-25. HDI Sigorta Afyon Municipality closed the gap by responding to its opponent with the numbers that Andric, Efe and Tarolis found under the basket. Merkezefendi Belediye Basket Yiğitcan Koşut was ahead 47-42 in the locker room with his baskets in the last section.

In the third period, the Denizli team made an effective appearance in defense and attack. Yukatel Merkezefendi Belediye Basket increased the gap up to 13 points in this section as their opponent returned empty-handed from the attacks. The third period ended with the home side’s lead 71-59. Yukatel Merkezefendi Belediye Basket, which prevented their opponent from closing the gap with Smith and Hakan Yapar’s outside shots in the last pdriyode of the match, won the match 87-79.


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