Yunus Musah forgives the hard tackle that injured his ankle and tries to shorten the recovery

Yunus Musah try to shorten the timeframes of injury in the ankle ligaments (the club does not specify if it is a sprain or the degree) that the July 21 during the match dispute friendly against Atromitos Greek. The player still he uses crutches to walk -to maintain as much rest as possible in the joint – and although it does tmuscle toning physical work, the return to competition is still a long way off.

From the club his presence in the first game is questioned League, although it would become a express recovery taking into account the player feelings on the field of play and also its current state when less than two weeks left for the season to start (Friday August 13, against Getafe).

Yunus Musah received a very hard tackle from behind of the Brazilian player of Atromitos, Thomas Bedinelli. It was shortly before the game break and the American footballer had to leave the field of play. Bedinelli himself he wanted to apologize in the Valencia dressing room with the footballer at the end of the game, but Yunus had been transferred to get tested on the joint. Later, he was able to communicate with an apology message that Yunus himself responded to. The next day, Thomas Bedinelli made this public apologize through your Instagram account: “Yunus, sorry for the action, it’s part of football and sadly sometimes things like that happen. As we discussed, it was not my intention and it will never be my intention to hurt a player, I will cheer you on and see you shine soon on the field. ”

Own Yunus or Gabriel Paulista, compatriot of the Atromitos footballer, reacted to this post with a ‘like’. It is not so clear when Yunus Musah will play again, although the 18-year-old footballer you don’t lose your smile either during the recovery process. Bordalás had used it in various positions in the two friendlies he had played to date – Villarreal and Atromitos – either as a second striker or as a midfielder.

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