Yunus Musah: Valencia’s maximum concern


Alarm in Valencia with Yunus Musah. The example was the absence of the call-up against Eibar in the final stretch of the season that marked the player’s lowest moment in Valencia. The concern runs deep with the 18-year-old footballer who has diluted like sugar in a cup in the last few months. Especially after signing its renewal until 2026 last December. That dazzling start of the American star disappeared. Y Valencia and its environment are concerned.

Yunus entered a bump from which he has not known how to get out for the moment. Is very young and maybe you have been given a lot of responsabilities in that age when it is in maturation process for professional football. That is why it came under that gaseous effect. Its beginning was a show. Of power, of desire … but he is still 18 years old. And it has been noticed.

You have been given time to assimilate situations over the last few months. His renewal with great fanfare came at the end of the year and he achieved a good professional contract at a club like Valencia. But since then that performance has been decreasing to the point of losing presence with his mentor, Javi Gracia..

With Voro followed the same dynamic. It has not been decisive in how little it has played. The coach preferred more seniority to save the team in a very delicate moment and Yunus’s presence was testimonial … to the point that he was left out of the call against Eibar. Punishment? Reflection? It has a lot of real valuations …

The point is that, As MARCA has learned, Valencia has been worried about its player for a long time. He has asked himself questions and has also asked in his environment what has happened to the footballer and why he has not come out of that spiral with which the season has ended.

It is true that at his age he can suffer ups and downs because at the end of the day he is in a process of coupling, but Hasn’t shown a single flash in months and it is what has led to generate a lot of uncertainty and concern even in those closest to them.

Slightly temporary … but it has lengthened

That renewal has been able to harm him. At first it was understood as normal. A radical change in your life. A way to enter elite football in a definitive and de facto way It was expected to be slightly temporary, but it has been prolonged in time.

The absence of the call by technical decision in one of the last league games is another step in search of the player’s motivation. Voro smelled it in the distance. Y They are not decisions made lightly. They have a double component. A little touch. Hence its absence, which came to summarize that there has been internal talk of this situation for which, for the moment, no answer has been found to solve it. Everything is in Yunus and the ability to reverse the situation.

Valencia has tried, tries and will try to do their part to serve as a push upwards but they cannot find the solution … which also has to come from the hands of the player.

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