Yunus Musah’s Tower of Babel: Ghanaian, English, American … but with an Italian passport

ANDs one of the great doubts. What condition does Yunus Musah have? Is it community, extra-community? Many doubts have hovered around the figure of this young footballer who at 18 seems like a globetrotter. Yunus has lived in many places in the world, He has ended up being a footballer and certain decisions he has taken have caused that may or may not affect his condition depending on where he plays.

But MARCA has been able to know and confirm from sources closely linked to the footballer himself that despite the numerous variants who can offer his nationality has a plus that makes him open the frontiers of football in Europe. Has an Italian passport. Something that they also endorse club supplies. And that supposes a degree of quality in every way. Opens many options for you. Gain in value.

Because the story of this young man is curious to say the least. It turns out that his ancestry is Ghanaian. His parents are of that nationality. But on a trip to the United States, specifically to New York, he was born in that country. Almost by surprise. That assumes you have American nationality. Then practically all his childhood in Italy. All his stage of more child. Where he began to take his first steps in football and where he was captured by an Italian scout with ties to England and gave him the option of entering the school of the Arsenal. That is where it went and where it has ended up being formed. In England he was living his youthful stage until his big bet came to him. The decision to go to Valencia. Where it has not gone bad. At the age of 17 he made his debut in the First Division.

Nationalities a go-go but the key is the Italian

The fact is that when Yunus and his link to the English team the problem of Brexit arose and his possible place as an extra-community. A problem in the long run. The same as when you chose to be selected by USA and the decision he made to continue in that project, which could also raise doubts about his condition. But the letter that this young footballer has always had in the rear is the Italian passport that works in his power ..

It is the one that gives you peace of mind to play anywhere in Europe without having a problem with the quota of non-EU citizens depending on the league in which it is played.

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