Zaragoza, without signature or funds

LThe current owners of Real Zaragoza broke their silence last night. After their last appearance a month ago to explain how the sale was, yesterday they showed their faces again to update the information they handle on the subject. His words, far from reassuring his fans, sowed even more uncertainty because the signature and the funds are still lacking, after so many months of negotiating.

“The situation of the sale has not changed substantially. The operation, in terms of its contractual details, has been closed for a long time. The signature and the arrival of the funds are missing. I can count little more. When these things happen If they happen, the operation will be carried out, “he said.

The sale situation has not changed substantially. The operation, as regards its contractual details, has been closed for a long time

For this reason, he acknowledged that they are looking for a way to increase income to form the “supercompetitive” staff that JIM spoke of: “As we do not know how much longer it can be delayed, we continue working to provide the Sports Directorate with the largest possible budget. We have already done so. advanced initiatives in search of income. Whether the sale takes place or not, the team will go out to compete with all the guarantees and enthusiasm “.

Precisely, JIM also referred to the missing signings at a press conference: “The other day I was getting wet and I said there would be two immediate news, one was Peybernes, and the other a departure, I was not lying. I hope they will come in the next few days. Today, we have a fair squad, we can’t avoid the truth. I hope the kids have a future, but they are still in a formative moment. ”

Vuckic and Larrazabal, close to leaving

And one of those exits pointed to Vuckic or Larrazabal, on the starting ramp since the end of the season. The technician told the situation of both: “The thing about Vuckic and Larrazabal is already known to all and they know what the club thinks. They want them to go out on loan and they are working on it.”

As for the millionaire agreement of the League, Lapetra asked for time to learn more about the details: “The operation has to be studied by the appropriate sports commissions and ratified in the assembly. We still cannot venture the amount that would correspond to Real Zaragoza.” And he showed his discomfort at the reduction in capacity: “We have been aggrieved. I understand that they are temporary measures but we do not understand that modification because we are doing things well. It is a problem because we are in the middle of the season of subscribers. We are obliged to study measures. and adapt them to the real situation required of us by the national authorities. “

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