Zouma, central top to convince Sevilla

HIt has been a long time to arrive, but Sevilla already has one of the summer operations in their hands. One of the most powerful clubs, in sports and economics, such as the Chelsea European champion He has taken an interest in the jewel in Seville’s crown, the central Jules Koundé. The Andalusian club, aware of the Frenchman’s desire to go out, He proposed to his agent that he call with a real offer from a club that would fulfill the wishes of his client. The English team fulfills Koundé’s aspirations. Sevilla, which has attended this informative tsunami from the sidelines (“there is more noise than nuts so far”, they assured from the club), wait for the Chelsea move to sit down to negotiate.

The posture of the parties seems clear before sitting down. Sevilla do not want to go below 70 million, despite the 80 clause of the player, knowing the real value of his footballer in the market. Chelsea, for its part, with a large list of centrals in its squad, although wanting to satisfy Thomas tuchel, who has succeeded with a line of three behind, will try make the operation cheaper by including a player. What does Sevilla need if he sells Koundé? Another top-level central. Precisely in the whole of South London plays Kurt zouma, for which the sevillistas were interested in 2017. Also French, 26 years old, and from whom Koundé has stolen his position in the national team and maybe also at Chelsea.

Zouma is a powerful defender, which in the stage of Lampard on the bench he was a permanent fixture, but he lost his position as not fitting all right into the new coach’s scheme. In Sevilla it is only necessary to solve the problem of his card. Charge above 2.5 net by season. In addition to convincing the footballer himself to change London for Seville. The ace up the club’s sleeve is Monchi himself, who has always had a great relationship with French players. It will depend on his power to convince that this operation, with players involved, can come to fruition.

Why Chelsea do not want to put 70 million on the table that Sevilla claims, even if it is including objectives. While the Andalusian club, to allow players to be included in the operation, wants unless the quantity supplied reaches 50 million. Anyway, you have to remember that the Girondins have a percentage of goodwill generated by its sale. The higher the fixed amount, the bigger pinch the French club will take. Zouma is an old Monchi wish. You can find a Champions solution at the exit of your most precious treasure. And your partner with Diego Carlos, fast, strong and forceful centrals, it can further solidify the nerve wall.

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