Adedayo Odeleye: British NFL rookie on joining the Houston Texans, watching Aaron Donald, facing Laremy Tunsil and his love of Xs and Os

Adedayo Odeleye was named to the Houston Texans as part of the NFL’s “International Player’s Path” program. He reflects on learning the news and his first impressions of life in the league.

It’s 7:15 a.m. in Houston, but it’s mid-morning for Texan guard Adedayo Odeleye as he sits down, proudly dressed in his tracksuit to chat with Sky Sports, having been awake for over two hours.

He also admits that as an NFL player he goes to bed much earlier than as a student, so here’s the deal.

Odeley only started his NFL career weeks after it was announced that he would be sent to the Texans as a product of the International Player Pathway, which saw Nottingham alumnus Ayo Oyelola also earn a spot with the Jacksonville Jaguars. We hereby present the latest British ambassadors seeking to emulate Efa Obada.

“I was in the kitchen with my mom and brother when I heard about it, I had a call scheduled with the IPP scouts, I was happy with my place, but you never know until you know the news,” he said. Sky Sport.

“I was excited and at the same time anxious to start and I was literally ready to fly out the same day but I had to wait about a week, it was definitely hard to focus on anything else during that week.

“When the news was posted on social media, I had to put my phone on do not disturb for about 24 hours because it kept exploding. This is part of the game, which I am also happy to participate in.

“Fans are a very important aspect of the sport and that is one of the aims of the program, it is not only to get athletes into the league but also to develop the brand around the world and try to get more British and Nigerian fans to watch. and play sports. Whatever I do to make it happen, I’ll be happy to do it.”

By now, Odeleye’s story is no secret: he was born in Nigeria, spent some time in Saudi Arabia, moved to the UK with his family at the age of nine, before eventually enrolling at Loughborough, where he started playing football on the recommendation of a varsity captain. team, who was struck by his dwarfish body.

The acquaintance with such stems from the fact that Odeley and Oyelola both participated in the training phase of the International Player Pathway 2021, but neither was included in the roster.

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