The legs weighed in the draw between Cádiz and Las Palmas

ANDhe Cadiz CF he signed his first boards of the preseason in the draw (1-1) against UD Las Palmas in which both teams put almost everything they have in their squads back into the fray, adjusting parameters and systems and charging batteries with heavy legs at this point in the preseason. The intense workloads of the cadistas were noted in a very close match in which a player on loan from the Andalusians, Alvaro Jimenez, gave the tie to the Canarian team. To the Cadiz he has a lot of work ahead of him.

Sergio Gonzalez He practically kept the team until the 67th minute when he changed it entirely. More minutes for a starting eleven that he repeated with chocolate Y Luke at the point of attack and a powerful defense with the entry of Creek beside Fali. The cadista team began the match with an eleven with only two players who were not there last season: Pombo Y Mabil. The rest could well have formed in a game last season. It is still an unequivocal sign that sports management has a lot of work ahead of it.

Within the discards and future arrivals, football has some things that are still striking. chocolate, with help, he scored again in this preseason. The goal is not given to him and yes to Coconut in his own door but his lateral center slipped into the goal of Valley with some luck. His good streak is still striking, the Honduran being a man called to be key this year. But within the good news, there is also other positive news for the UD Las Palmas, in this case; And it is that the player loaned five days ago by the Cadiz CF,Alvaro Jimenez, debuted with the canaries and scored his first goal. An option for the future that is not present in the Cadiz but it can have travel in the other yellow set. His goal in minute 37 neutralized the initial goal of those from Sergio Gonzalez who had a hard time playing the first part of the match.

With multiple changes in the second half, the match was along the same lines, tedious, with little rhythm and with an intensity typical of this period but inappropriate for two teams that are going to play official competition in a few days. As much as Sergio Gonzalez itried to shake the tree there was little he could do in a match also marked by the intense heat that hit marbella and by two very even teams throughout the match.

The Cadiz conceded its first goal of this preseason and continues to work, as does Las Palmas, both happy with the draw and, above all, with the minutes played in another demanding match that opens the week of two matches between the Andalusians will measure this Friday at Lille and that next week he will play another two games against Atletico Madrid and Sevilla F.C. where the legs should allow something more than what is seen on the Costa del Sol.

Data sheet:

Cadiz CF: Ledesma, Iza, Fali, Cala, Pacha Espino, Alarcón, José Mari, Pombo, Awer Mabil; Choko, Lucas. they also played Martín Calderón, Arzarmendia, David Gil, Negredo, Álvaro Giménez, Zaldua, Osmajic, Luis Hernández, Perea, Álex Fernández, Víctor Chust.

UD Las Palmas: Valle, Loidoice, Coco, Sidney, S. Cardona, Palanca; Moleiro, Mfulu, Viera, Álvaro Jiménez, Marc Cardona. they also played Lemos, A. Suárez, Curbelo, Pejiño, Fabio, Óscar, Julen, Elejalde, David Vicente, Ale García.

GOALS: 1-0 Min 30 Coconut (pp); 1-1 Min. 37 Álvaro Jiménez.

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