Wu Lei, close to returning to China

wu lei is very close to returning to China. The attacker, who signed for the Spanish in January 2019, he could be living his last days as a parakeet. Since the end of last week there have been open negotiations with the Shanghai SIPGclub of origin of the attacker.

In fact, already in the January market, he was interested in wu lei, but the footballer did not want to leave. Now things have changed and the talks can come to fruition. The Chinese market opens in August and the player is seriously evaluating the proposal.

Wu Lei wins China’s third Ballon d’Or

In fact, the attacker could join the preseason with the Spanish but, as there are open negotiations, it will remain in Barcelona until the conversations are defined. In addition, with his departure the entity would have a salary mass savings. Therefore, the three parties are working, but nothing is closed yet.

Without fortune

wu lei arrived at Spanish as the great signing of chen yansheng in 2019. He was the best player in the league China and the club, with the property of raster, wanted to project internationally. But his participation went from more to less. For this reason, the footballer is seriously evaluating his departure.

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