A happy birthday for Hermoso

OROnce he forgot his non-call with the selection for the Eurocup, Mario Hermoso celebrates his 26th birthday with the tranquility of the homework done. The Madrid central defender has become one of the key players in the rojiblanca backbone. Gone are the possible doubts last summer and now, a year later, the 22 mattress maker takes advantage of his vacations to recharge his batteries for the next course.

From the club offices they bet on Mario’s versatility and together with I gave it Y Carrasco, will re-form the left band of the Athletic. A Handsome who has lived in this, his second season as rojiblanco, the jump that was expected of him being key during great phases of the course from the famous line of three centrals. A defense that maximized Mario’s virtues, becoming the first option to get the ball out. But not only as a center-back has he surrendered this season, at the end of the year, when the team sentenced the title, Hermoso became strong from the left side. His presence empowered a Carrasco that ended up like a rocket.

Last summer, there was speculation about the possibility that he would leave Atl├ętico. The Real society sounded several times as a possible destination for the Madrilenian. They were just typical rumors of the summer period, Mario was always clear that he wanted to succeed as a rojiblanco player and boy did he succeed. Soccer is capricious and sometimes it is only a matter of time to find calm and confidence. What in his first year were nerves in this second became security. Simeone won a new warrior for the cause.

With the only mole of not having had the opportunity to return to the national team, the center-back who, as we have said, turns 26 today, will face his third season as red and white with the aim of continuing to be a key piece for the Cholo And who knows whether to gain a foothold among the footballers who glimpse the 2022 World Cup in the distance.

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