Al Thani loses his mind

L1st sentence of the ‘BlueBay case’ has been ratified today by the Provincial Court of Malaga. Another step in the ‘BlueBay case’. Now, the one who was president of Málaga CF will have to share his actions with the hotel chain. This step accelerates the future capital increase of the Malaga CF. A necessary fact for the future economic health of the Martiricos entity. The appeals filed by the former president of Málaga CF have been dismissed and therefore the 2019 sentence was confirmed in its entirety. That is why the struggle between Al-Thani and BlueBay has been resolved in favor of the hotel chain.

The 49% of the shares with which the Sheikh landed in Malaga in 2010. Shares that are owned by the company NAS Spain 2000 SL, already belong to BlueBay. A company, for whose management he was responsible Bluebay because it was agreed with Al-Thani, and now it is divided as follows. 49% for a subsidiary of the hotel company (Management Empresarial) and 51% for Nassir Abdullah & Sons, company of Al-Thani and his sons.

The magistrates have not recognized some of the requests for Al-Thani as Shatat’s illegitimacy, whoever was its CEO on the dates on which the sale of these shares was signed, or the falsification of the signature of the former Qatari president. This is explained in the writing of the sentence. The court further acknowledges that “there has been abuse of the legal personality of the companies in fraud or damage of third parties, because the Mr. AL-Thani se has used them to breach the agreement of intentions and the subsequent commitments assumed to put it into practice, and it is precisely this spurious use of the legal personality of its instrumental companies that is rejected in the sentence and in this appeal. To hide again as an argument to support this motive in the validity ofl Revocation Agreement of November 2013 as a challenge argument it is a line of defense already rejected in section 4.1.2 “

It also recognizes that the management of Al-thani has caused “evident patrimonial damage to the plaintiffs, since the actions in dispute have been deprived of the Nas Spain 2000 and to the plaintiff Management Empresarial Málaga SL as a partner in it and Mr shatat. as a shareholder of the latter through the instrumental company with which it concurred to its constitution. To deny, furthermore, that the fraudulent action was manifested due to the knowledge of the damage that was caused to the latter, alleging that said damage had already been produced by the Revocation Agreement so often invoked is to reiterate a compartmentalized conception of the conduct of Mr. AL T . and its instrumental societies that we have rejected in previous sections «

José María Muñoz, judicial administrator of Málaga
José María Muñoz, judicial administrator of Málaga

To conclude, the magistrates confirm the plan that he tried to carry out Al-Thani behind the back of Jamal Satli. “In effect, the plot to deprive the legitimate owners of the shares is “perfected” with its sale to third parties, since it added another legal difficulty in its hypothetical recovery, as evidenced by the panoply of legal arguments put forward by the buyer and which have had to be resolved in this appeal «

Both Al-Thani and BlueBay can now realize their resources. On the part of the hotel, happy with the decision, there will be no movement. Al-Thani has a term of twenty days from the day after notification of the sentence. Somewhat complicated since it cannot be structured around the same ideas that the Sheikh has insisted on over and over again.

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