Ancelotti: from the Iker-Diego López tension to the peace of the goal

ANDl Real Madrid enjoy of the peace in the goal what has given him Courtois. The Belgian is long overdue the ‘galactic’ that the club signed in 2018 and his status as number 1 under the sticks is indisputable. From all the problems that Ancelotti has ahead, the goal is not one of them. Courtois will be ‘titularísimo’ and Lunin the second goalkeeper.

Roberto Martínez: “Courtois is in the best moment of his career”

Courtois hierarchy is beyond question. His figure has been strengthened to become one of the most important and decisive players of the team, at the height of Benzema. From the distant ‘Brujas crisis’, his most delicate moment in Madrid back in October 2019, has played 86 of the 93 games of the white team (92 percent).

Last season he played 51 of the 52 games (98%). He played everything in the League and the Champions League and Lunin only played the Cup match. Courtois was key in Madrid’s prodigious final stretch of the campaign (16 wins, one loss and seven draws in the last 24 games) and Zidane clung to the Belgian one game after another without rest.

The Iker-Diego mess

Ancelotti avoids a problem that was found in 2013. When he arrived at Real Madrid in his first stage, he found the ‘fire’ in the goal they were starring in Casillas and Diego López. He inherited the problem from Mourinho and gave him a lot of war. His solution did not end the controversy. He gave the League to Diego and the Champions League and the Cup to Iker, dragging the tension under the sticks throughout the 13-14 season

Iker Casillas: “Let’s hope that Ramos and Madrid agree for the good of football”

Considering what has been seen, the next decision was to end the problem by starting one of the goalkeepers. The ‘sacrificed’ was Diego López and Casillas stayed. Madrid signed Keylor and Ancelotti returned full powers to Casillas (League and Champions). Even so, the runrún in the goal was still present with Iker ‘signaled’ by the Bernabéu stands and at the end of the season the captain would leave. Also Carletto’s.

Merit of Zidane

If de Mou inherited the problem of the goal, de Zidane has now inherited peace under sticks. Because the Frenchman has always managed the goal perfectly in his two stages, beyond the external controversy of the truncated signing of Kepa. In his first stage he fully opted for Keylor Navas despite the club’s continued offers to reinforce the goal. The successes and the performance of the Tico proved him right.

And in his second stage he ended with a stroke of the pen with the controversy under sticks that was generated in his seven months of absence with the debate Keylor-Courtois and handed the stripes to the Belgian. “I said it already: I ​​am not going to leave you the possibility of having a debate, we are not going to have the issue of goalkeepers next season, it will be very clear. It will be very clear next year, “he warned upon his return. Said and done. Courtois was going to be his starting goalkeeper and Keylor would end up packing his bags for PSG. Problem solved.

Courtois, grateful

The same full confidence that he gave to Keylor was given to Courtois, who managed to overcome his difficult start in white to become undisputed. “He has given me a lot of confidence. I have always felt that he was counting on me and that is important. In those difficult moments of last year, if you don’t notice that the technician is with you, it is difficult. Football is a lot of the mind and if you don’t notice the confidence, it’s complicated. The footballer needs to be mentally well ” Courtois.

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