Ángel Torres: “In the second stage, Quique got angry and ran away”

ANDhe president azulón appeared in the press room on the occasion of the presentation of Quique Sánchez Flores as Getafe’s new coach. In it he reviewed the last hours lived with the removal of Míchel and was optimistic about the future of the team’s salvation.

Quique’s arrival

“I was looking for, not a radical change, to play as little as possible. I am not easy on a day-to-day basis. I know Quique although the second time he got angry and ran away, but it passed after ten minutes. From time to time I talk to him, as well as to Schuster, Laudrup and Michel. I don’t mind, when I need to, call them. I thought that the change of Míchel, which has cost me a lot, Quique could be the ideal man knowing the squad what we have”.

Removal of Míchel

“I decided quickly, I did not consult, I have the defect. Although you have to assume responsibility, I assume it for better or for worse. Two days before I met with captains and I saw that something was beginning to lose confidence, that the footballers began to have doubts , I let the game go by. We were able to beat Real but now calmly, after training, I decided to talk to him and told him that we couldn’t continue like that. It took 30 seconds, he loves the house a lot, he had bad luck. for taking the president ahead, who was the one who brought him in, but since I have no one above me, you will have to continue putting up with me “.

Grudge over Quique’s resignation

“If I had a grudge, many of you would have had a bad time. I’ve never had a grudge, I’ve always had a good relationship with him. Possibly the one I talk to the most is with Schuster, and I don’t have grudge against anyone, I can get pissed off but it goes away right away, I have been in football for more than 30 years and since I do not avoid responsibility, it protects me. I do not live from this, you can say what you want, I only protect professionals. No one will have heard me say anything about a footballer. Now I ask him to Let me get this out as soon as possible. Before Christmas we will be where we belong by budget and category. “

Winter market

“No, because I do not play coach. Let him come and see what there is. If something is missing he knows what the situation is, we have no problems, we are in the best situation in the history of Getafe and if he needs any reinforcement we will try. No I’m thinking, there’s enough staff to get this out. If he doesn’t ask for something, go ahead. “

Hobby and David Soria

“First, and I have already said it, I am totally against them messing with the footballers and the coach, and less the insults, I will not tolerate it. I congratulate Soria’s behavior of being brave and saying it. You cannot allow someone to no matter how angry you may be, you lose your nerves. We have always set an example every year, I hope that those who come will continue like this.

Misleading situation

“I think we deserve more but to take luck is for bad bullfighters. On Atleti day we were until the end, the other day with Real, the same. For that reason solutions are being sought. For me, going to the fields And that they tell you what a good team you have, no. “Son of a bitch, you have taken my points away.” That colleague thing is lies, you have to go to win and stop playing. I do not take measures because yes, we played good games against Valencia , Barcelona, ​​Sevilla or Atlético … but we have also played very bad games like in Vallecas. You have to see why the team is so irregular “

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