Approved the accounts of the 2019-20 between whistles and insults to Moix

Lto Assembly of Compromisarios has approved this Sunday the 2019-20 accounts, with 616 votes in favor, 68 blank and 67 against, since the annual meeting could not be held last year due to the covid. Because it is an exercise where none of the current members of the Council, Jordi Moix, economic vice president with Josep Maria Bartomeu, has exposed the data. The partners have received him with whistles and were interrupting him throughout the speech. Even Joan Laporta he had to step forward. “We understand the outrage over accounts we don’t like but please keep our composure and live up to the FC Barcelona“, the president has asked. The lawyer also announced that they were going to vote in favor of the accounts before raising the cards.

Moix has started by explaining that the impact of covid It implied that only in 19-20, revenues within the 6 major leagues fell 1.6 billion euros that caused losses similar to those suffered by the Barcelona. “The budget approved two years ago exceeded 1,000 million in revenue and generated benefits of 10 or 11 million, but the reality is that the fall caused by the coronavirus caused losses of 97 kilos,” he explained Moix. Therefore, the institution closed the year with revenues of 855 million euros, 18 percent less than budgeted.

“In the last four years the wage bill was within 60-70 percent of income, but with the fall in income due to the pandemic it was at the limit point of what would be advisable,” he acknowledged. Moix. Regarding the balance sheet, it presented 1,474 million in assets and the same, of liabilities.

“The gross debt situation is 820 million, but they owed us about 300 and the net debt is 488. If it weren’t for the pandemic, we would have a net debt of about 220,” he said. Regarding net worth, the former economic vice president explained that it has been rising, but that it has also been affected by the covid. “It grew to 193 million, but in the last year we have lost 97, to 35”.

Since the civil war, I was not in such a delicate situation


Reflection on the accounts

“They are not good results, it is not to be proud. In March we had to take measures, adjust salaries to reality and with them we saved about 70 million euros. Since the civil war I was not in such a delicate situation. Super League, Barça Corporate … but it was not enough. The salary mass was at the limit, we stretched both our arms and our sleeves because the money is better on the field and not in the bank. We could not foresee an impact like the covid The reason why we are like this responds to the emergency situation. There are about 100-120 million impacts, “he explained. Moix by way of balance.

They are not good results, it is not to be proud


The former economic vice president has not hidden that they did not know how to foresee the change of cycle. “For a couple of years, we did not prioritize or take care of the quarry. We could do better. With the appearance of Riqui, Ansu, Araujo this situation has been reversed, “he acknowledged.

Nevertheless, Moix He recalled that they also did positive things such as improving the contracts for television rights, the 22 titles, the commitment to the digital world with the Barça Corporate, Barça Studios, BiHUB or Espai Barça. “All this has led us to a magazine like Forbes has valued us as the most valuable club in the world, “he recalled.

The situation is very delicate, but we have equity without mortgages and the confidence of the banks


two more complicated years

“The club is in a serious situation due to the pandemic, but as we recover we have tools to get out of the crisis. The situation is very delicate, but we have assets without mortgaging and the confidence of the banks. Today we will talk about a loan union and I think it is a good solution. We still have a couple of years to get out of this situation. Barça Corporate and the Superliga are projects to improve the world of football “, he concluded Moix. At the end of the speech, as has happened throughout the speech, whistles but also some applause.

The money better be in the field and not in the bank; I will not apologize for not anticipating the pandemic


The former vice president has explained on several occasions, in the answers to the questions of the partners, that they have not found exceptions. Moix, to questions of the delegates, has ensured that the operations of Pjanic or Neto they were always agreed by the sports management. The former leader, on the other hand, has assured that he will not apologize for not anticipating the pandemic and has not wanted to enter to assess any issue related to the Barçagate because it is in judicial hands. They also questioned him about Goldman sachs. “The money from the credit has been used in infrastructure of the Espai Barça As the Johan Cruyff Stadium and other actions “.

The Laporta Board votes in favor

To finish with this point in the afternoon and before proceeding to the vote, Laporta wanted to answer some questions from the partners. “It is not a Assembly to use, it has its complexity. We do not like these accounts, the Lord himself has said it Moix. It is evident, but it is the reality of the club as of June 30, 2020. They are accounts that were formulated from the previous meeting and were correctly audited “.

Finally, he has asked the Assembly vote in favor of the accounts. “We have promised to have a report in which no case exonerates the previous board in the event that we have news of irregular situations. We will vote in favor of these accounts, we will vote in favor of the club. More than in favor of the accounts, we will vote in favor of the club, because otherwise it would imply a paralysis of the club. We could not approve the accounts for the 2020-2021 season, “he concluded Laporta.

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