Atlanta’s victory in two overtime matches

The Atlanta Hawks-San Antonio Spurs match played in the NBA was the scene of great competition. Atlanta defeated his opponent 134-129 in the match leading to two overtime. Former Fenerbahce Bogdan Bogdanovic played an important role in his victory with 28 points.

Atlanta Hawks managed to beat the San Antonio Spurs with a score of 134-129 in the match, which ended in a draw and extended twice.

In the Hawks, Clint Capela, Bogdan Bogdanovic and Trae Young played 28 points each, bringing the win for their team.

DeMar DeRozan managed to keep his team alive for a long time with 36 points in the Spurs, which was defeated on the field, but this performance was not enough for the victory.


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San Antonio Spurs-Atlanta Hawks: 129-134

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