Atlético feels strong

Koke gave voice to the sentiment of the dressing room after the draw against Betis

SAccording to Cuadra Fernández, the end of the match at Villamarín, Koke he was clear about the message he wanted to convey. Two visits to Seville. Twice it was the rojiblando captain’s turn to explain to the media. If after the defeat at Sánchez-Pizjuán he left the “Against everything and against everyone” as a slogan. After drawing against Betis, the Vallecano made it clear that the team is strong. “If we are strong of mind we will reach the goal that we all want”. Despite scoring only one point in the two visits to the Andalusian capital, Simeone’s men were convinced of their possibilities. The message was not that of a defeated team. Quite the opposite. They are the leader and they want to remain so.

“It is all a mental issue and the illusion that we have for wanting to win.” The phrase is from Koke. And to demonstrate what he argues, you just have to do a review at the end of both meetings in Seville. If Atlético was able to tie in the discount last day, this time it was close to taking all three points in the added minutes. The team seems physically melted and despite this they ended up looking for the goal in both games. Both times they fell to Correa. They both went to limbo. Bond in front of those of Lopetegui Y Bravo in front of Betis they won the game over the Argentine. Therefore, the own Simeone he took it upon himself to lift the spirits of one of his greatest believers. Correa ended up sunk on the Villamarín grass and saw how his coach showed his support with a symbolic hug first and with words of praise at a press conference later. strap It has to be key without Luis Suárez and Simeone knows it.


Not only of occasions on the horn lives the argument of the mind that Koke clung to. Caressing the 90th minute of the game, in the 88th to be exact. Bounced Carrasco a corner for Atlético that ended in a counter in their own goal. Three players from the Betis against I gave it that closed. Up to eight rojiblancos retreated to end up defending the Betic transition in their area. The legs did not go, but the mind did. “When positive situations do not appear you need the heart to appear. The team showed solidarity, in the return in the plays against, they are things that go beyond the legs, but we are in a moment of resistance. It is something that I like , as it happens in society at this difficult time that we are all living “, said a calm Simeone in the press conference after the meeting.

An effort that could save one point and have become three if it was correct strap on one of the two occasions he had at the end. Perhaps that point is worth in a few months to celebrate a title that has become very expensive for the rojiblancos. It served at least to keep the lead for another week and keep them dependent on themselves. Something that no other rival can say. “The team is strong and we follow leaders that in the end is the most important thing today”. Well, Atlético is the leader and the captain is clear that they are strong.

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