Barcelona has it in their hands

The Catalans, eight ends of the double

ANDl Barcelona He reaches the final stretch of the season with morale through the roof. The victory in the final of Copa del Rey It has been an accolade for the Barça dressing room, which is also able to sink its teeth into the league championship. What was aimed at a transitional season and was presented as a course in which nothing would probably be scratched, can now turn into a memorable year, with a double.

Final Copa del Rey 2020/21: Summary and goals of Athletic 0-4 Barcelona

Last weekend was perfect for the interests of Barcelona fans. They not only achieved the first title of the era Koeman, but they also regained their autonomy in the League: they once again depend on themselves to win the championship. If they win eight victories in the eight games left between now and the end of the tournament, they will be proclaimed champions.

Although the team has not been particularly reliable in their matches since they returned from the national team break, they are confident that the Cup final will represent a turning point for them. Playing like they did in The Cartuja, the objective of The league It is feasible and with that mentality they will face the eight finals that remain between now and the end of the course.

The calendar promises to demand the best version of the Catalans. Barcelona have several highly demanding matches left and it will be a challenge not to miss points in any of them. Not only because of the direct confrontation with the leader, Atlético de Madrid, but because of some of those exits that always have a trap. Commitments in The ceramic against him Villarreal and in Mestalla against the Valencia They are engraved by fire in the Barcelona calendar, and being successful in these visits could be the final decision to win the title.

For that, it will be essential that Barcelona do not repeat any of the mistakes that have cost them points throughout the season, especially in its first section. Being reliable back again is vital, something that can help the return of Gerard Piqué, but also be effective in the last meters. There is LaLiga.

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