Betis contact Héctor Bellerín

ANDl Betis last these days with him Barcelona two operations: the repurchase of Emerson by the Catalan club, according to the conditions stipulated at the time in the co-ownership contract, and the incorporation of Miranda as a green-and-white footballer for all intents and purposes. Some steps that if on the one hand they reassure Pellegrini with respect to the left side, for which he would have the Olive groves and with Alex Moreno, Force to Antonio Cordon, general sports director of the Heliopolitan club, to search the market in search of a specialist for the right-handed lane.

In this sense, and after several months of work analyzing different options in the Technical secretary, the Sports Commission of Betis already has a short list of possible candidates in which, among other candidates, the name of Hector Bellerín. The footballer of Arsenal, who has two years left on his contract with the London club, has lost prominence in recent months and would be studying a possible change of scenery.

Those responsible for the sports area of ​​the Betis have already maintained contacts with the representative of Bellerín to know their willingness to study a possible proposal (which in principle would consist of an assignment with an option to buy), aware that the main handicap, in addition to the high competition that would be found in the market, would be the footballer’s salary, something high for the current possibilities of the Verdiblancos.

Interestingly, a couple of years ago the Betis joked on his social media profiles about a possible signing of Bellerín, when the 26-year-old Barcelona winger revealed his father’s passion for the Verdiblanco club. A family bond that Antonio Cordon and the rest of the hiring managers in the Benito Villamarin take into account when seducing the international trained in The farmhouse.

More margin with the Europa League

For him Betis, the classification to dispute the next edition of the UEFA Europa League, together with the sixth position in the league, has served to take air on an economic level. However, unless there is a relevant sale or the limitations set by The league changes, the market will focus mainly on footballers who can arrive with the freedom card or players who have the possibility of leaving on loan, with or without a purchase option, as could be the case of Bellerín.

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