Brais Méndez: “To change our way of playing would be to betray ourselves”

He praises the competitiveness of Real Madrid before receiving Zidane’s men in Balaídos

Brais mendez it happened on the morning of this Friday through the microphones of BRAND Radio. The midfielder wants a brave Celta against Real Madrid: “I do not sign the tie. I think we have to be ambitious And as we always do, we go out for the three points, if it can’t be done later, we’ll have to settle for a draw. “

He does not trust the slightest bit of Real Madrid, the only Spanish survivor in the Champions League: “It shows that it is a team of hierarchy, that in the tight moments they are great players who come out. It seemed that they were not going to make it past the group stage and they are the only Spanish team that has made it to the quarterfinals. Knowing how to compete is knowing the game and the moment and knowing how to get chestnuts out of the fire in difficult moments. There are teams that can wrinkle more but they like this type of game. “

There are teams that can wrinkle more but Madrid like this type of game. “

He understands that Celta also grows in important appointments, such as this Saturday: “I think we have also gained a lot in this. Before we suffered much more, now we no longer fit so much or leave a clean sheet. From there, we have great players who at any time upstairs create an opportunity for you out of nowhere. We are a team that competes and wants to do it with the best. We like these games, we are eager and we want to show that we can look up without forgetting, obviously, those below. “

Real Madrid, in the first round, was one of the first to neutralize Coudet’s team: “We had the option of making it 0-1 and they were more effective. When you are already behind on the scoreboard and in their The course is more complicated. We tried it but it couldn’t be. This Saturday we will try again. We are not going to give up our style, if we have to die in some way we will do so. It would be betraying ourselves to change the way we play. They did well in the first lap and took all three points. This Saturday we have a rematch. “

This Saturday we have the revenge “

On a personal level, he is very grateful to Eduardo Coudet, with whom he is also seeing the door: “The idea that Chacho brought up is very similar to football in which I can give better performance or that because of my conditions, I can go better. He came, bet on me and gave me his confidence. I think things are going well. “

He is not obsessed with the classification: “We are going to go out to win but not thinking about seventh place, eighth or sixth. We want the three points to seal the permanence as soon as possible and not be suffering like the last years. Yes. then it happens and we can be fighting for those options to enter Europe, well delighted. But being realistic the goal remains the same because in the end we can get into trouble and suffer“.

He believes that the calm situation they live helps, after convulsive seasons: “They have been complicated years because we have been fighting until the last day not to descend and that in the end generates noise, there is talk of many things and it is difficult to manage all that. Now we are in a very good moment in which both the club and the players are rowing together, well, happy and making a great pineapple. That is very important. “

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