Celta celebrates the permanence with Coudet’s European numbers


After two seasons suffering until the end, the Vigo team will enjoy a placid end of the season

TOAlthough it was virtual for several days, the Celtic closed his math stay this friday. The 44 points he adds will no longer be able to be reached – there are direct confrontations – by the teams that mark the relegation zone. He does it in the absence of four days for the conclusion of the championship after the last two seasons, achieving it, fundamentally the last one, in an agonizing way.

It should be noted that the Vigo team I was bottom on the tenth day championship and has been climbing positions to get into the fight, now very complex, to enter European competitions.

Of the 44 points they currently have, 37 were achieved by Eduardo Coudet that added 10 wins, 7 draws and suffered 8 defeats in 25 rounds. It offers an average of 1.48 points per game, which in a sequence of 38 days would mean reaching 56 points with which Real Sociedad was sixth last season.

Thus, Celta accumulates 10 consecutive seasons in the First Division, something that only eight teams in the championship have achieved. Now he has four games ahead of him, against Villarreal and Barcelona as visitors, and Getafe and Betis in Balaídos, to improve the numbers and enjoy the league close placidly.

Serve as a comparison that, with four days to go, the Celts already have seven points and nine more goals than last year. On the negative side, they have conceded two more goals than in the entire past championship.

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