Celta foresees a long market and in recession

Lto renewal of Felipe MiñambresThis past Thursday, the roadmap of the Celtic technical secretariat has not changed since the sports director had been working on planning for the next season for weeks.

As told BRAND Several weeks ago, and later confirmed by President Carlos Mouriño, the Vigo club plans five incorporations, which could be six in the event of signing a goalkeeper due to Rubén Blanco’s injury. In that number would appear Aarón Martín and Jeison Murillo, whose intention is to be able to continue counting on them without paying the agreed purchase options.

The Vigo club, which is confident of being able to close the signing of Benfica’s Argentine Franco Cervi soon, foresees a new recession market and whose operations will be extended over time. This is how Felipe Miñambres points out: “Other times they started moving money in the big ones and from there in the rest, that we could do things. Now I don’t think there are many sales in the domestic market and abroad, except England, there is also a crisis “.

Therefore ask for patience: “Now it is expected by obligation and there is no other choice. It will move slowly and not with very high signings. But we are excited”. Celta also plans to undertake a restructuring of its grassroots organization chart in the near future, starting with its management.

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