Celta makes official the transfer of “Toro” Fernández to Juárez

ANDl Celtic has made official the transfer of Gabriel “Toro” Fernández to FC Juárez, so it will play in Mexico the next season. Celta was clear, like Eduardo Coudet, what The Uruguayan forward did not enter his plans for this exercise.

Your arrival at Spain, which was sold by the Celtic club as the substitute for Maxi Gomez, it turned out to be very lacking. He played 764 minutes for Celta, divided into 22 League and Cup games, scoring only one goal. Last season in Saragossa it was even worse. Participated in 32 matches and did not see a door on any occasion. It was a real failure, in a cession in which the Celtic leaders had placed a lot of confidence.

The Celtic You need to reactivate a footballer you paid for two years ago, to Peñarol, four million and which after this new assignment will still have two more years of contract in Vigo.

The player, who had no longer started the preseason with the Celts due to having more vacation days, is the fifth player to leave the Vigo club this summer. He does it after Juncá, Jozabed, Juan Hernández and David Costas. He is already in Mexico, working with his new club.

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