Central and right back, priority in the planning of Betis 2021-22


Haro, Catalán, Cordón and Pellerini held a first meeting yesterday to start preparing the next course

Mless than 48 hours after qualifying for the next edition of the UEFA Europa League as sixth of The league and after a single day of rest, that Pellegrini He took the opportunity to visit with his wife the Riotinto Mining Park in the town where football was first played in Spain almost 140 years ago, the Betis of the 2021-22 season started.

He did it with an important meeting of the club’s leadership with the main managers of the sports area in which they began to draw the guidelines of a fundamental planning for the future of the entity with which to reinforce a squad that will face three competitions next year and in which a good number of movements are expected, both entry and exit.

Monday began with a first meeting at the offices of the Technical secretary, on the Sports City Luis del Sol, in which the sports general director participated, Antonio Cordon, and the vice president, José Miguel López Catalan. A final review of different topics, profiles, names and reports on which they would later work together with the rest of the Sports Commission.

Later, already in the Benito Villamarin, joined the conversations Manuel Pellegrini, his second, Ruben Cousillas, and the link between the club and the squad, Alexis Trujillo. A contact that continued at noon with the president, Angel Haro, with a table and tablecloth in between, after the two members of the coaching staff and other club employees went through the Primary Care District next to Military hospital to get vaccinated against covid-19.

Cordón, arriving yesterday at the planning meetings
Cordón, arriving yesterday at the planning meetingsMIGUEL Á. MORAN

In-depth analysis of the campus

In the conversations of the main managers of the entity together with the coach and the sports director, in addition to analyzing name by name the situation of each player in the squad, the returning players and the players who fulfill a contract on June 30 and In 2022, the foundations of the preseason were laid, which will take place in Swiss, England Y Marbella, and the market work that will occupy the Betis the upcoming weeks.

The absolute priority, once the Portuguese goalkeeper has been signed Rui Silva, whose incorporation is only awaiting official status, is to sign a titular central who occupies the place he leaves Mandi with his march to Villarreal, and a right back to replace Emerson, who is expected to be caught shortly by the Barcelona.

To build a roster that is competitive in the three tournaments you face, Pellegrini needs more pieces in other positions (midfield, winger, forward …), but the rest of the movements, beyond the central and the priority right back, will be taken little by little depending on the possibilities offered by the market and the exits that occur in the workforce and the economic availability they generate.

The Betis has moved in recent months in the market of players who end their contract, with several options on the table that must decide whether to activate or not shortly, as well as the alternatives of players who may arrive on loan, thus avoiding the cost of a transfer, more complicated by the economic situation of the entity after almost a year and a half without an audience in the stadiums. These next few weeks seem vital for a first push towards planning.

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