Channels: “I am finding the confidence and energy to play on Monday”

Sergio Canales, after a couple of weeks absent in which he missed the games against the Ferencváros and the Villarreal, is back. This week he has exercised normally with his teammates and, if nothing changes, he will be one of the candidates to play at the start next Monday in Mendizorroza in front of Alaves. This was explained by the midfielder of the Betis this noon in an interview at Cope Seville in which he is confident and ambitious.

How are you after your absence?

“This week I started training at the beginning of the week and it seems that things are going much better. I am finding the confidence and energy to be for Monday. Last year I forced a little in the last months and I ended up quite annoyed. They have said that it has its time, that no matter how much it stops or not it costs a little, but it seems that we have got it on track well and things are going better. “

His last injury, overcome

“The Getafe thing was more of an overload. In the first play I noticed a bit near the ankle and we decided to stop, I think it was also due to these tendon discomfort. These two weeks have been good. I hope everything is over, I try to be prepared. This week I had a good feeling and I hope to get to this game in the best possible way. “

An important section of the season ahead

“In the end, it is true that due to the importance of the rivals, it is an important stage. But the previous one we also said that we needed to be well, and we were, winning five and drawing one. Each stage of the season we have to be well, these Rivals may call more, but starting from the game against Alavés, which comes from winning at home at Atlético, we have to achieve our goals “.

Too many defensive concessions

“The feeling may be that, but if we look at the games and the statistics, there are moments that can be suffered, but we are a very offensive team, that attacks a lot, and there are moments when you may be a little more careless. We have to take care of it, but without losing our essence. There will be actions in which we suffer a little, but there is knowing how to adjust it. I think we are growing in both areas and I am convinced that a better version will be seen, we can improve a lot “.

How long until you see the best Channels?

“There are many circumstances, I do not think it is only the physical issue. I evaluate myself daily and I am aware of the importance and what the team needs me. In that part of the season I played all the midfielder games, in the same position, And now I am rotating a little more, each game the team needs me in a position and it is difficult to get 100% of each player. For me the most important thing is the team and being where they need me. There will be games in which my role is more secondary in quotation marks helping in other facets than the one I had last year which was punctual, the only stage in which I constantly played in one position and which gives you the concept of the field well learned “.

Fekir’s ambition for the Champions

“I am in favor of thinking like Nabil. I think we have to set big goals, fight for them and have that motivation. And then we will see where we deserve to be. But the fight has to be that and we have to go without fear. Big goals they prepare you for smaller ones and we want to prepare ourselves for the maximum “.

Short competitions, the key to success?

“We are going to prepare for all three in the same way, we are not going to rule out any, we will give them the same importance as the coach is doing, making seven changes per game. They are not just rotations, we prepare to have everyone involved. Those Big things are achieved with the more people who are on the team and that is what you are looking for. “

What percentage of the success of Betis does Pellegrini have?

“I don’t know, that’s complicated, a very high percentage. From the Sports Directorate, Antonio, the president, the vice, they have made a very good market despite the difficulties. The coach has known how to connect very well with the squad and put in Everyone. And the players are very motivated, we know the importance of the club and the illusion that is generated. “

Who would you renew first, Fekir or Rodri?

“I don’t know, they are two very important players, they are basic right now. Rodri is with a brutal growth and has a difficult future to think about, he grows every day, and Nabil right now is probably one of the best players in LaLiga. We are going to enjoy this season and that’s it. “

Sacrifice to exploit Fekir’s talent

“What I want is to win. I want to play where the team needs me the most. There are times when it costs us more in an area and I can adapt faster than other teammates to some positions, that’s why I change my position so much. I feel more comfortable in one place than in another, but with continuity in a position is where you get more performance. But the most important thing is that the team gives its best and I have no problem playing anywhere “.

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