Cheryshev’s movements in Valencia: he prepares for the market

Denis Cheryshev is a guy who watch the plays in advance. Type prepared that he knows where he’s treading … The players smell their moments in the clubs and just in case the Spanish-Russian extreme, given his last chores, he has seen the wolf’s ears. He has one more year on his contract. It ends in June 2022 and Valencia wants to break that bond with what that transferable poster has more than sealed. Right now it costs the club between salary and amortization the not inconsiderable figure of six million euros. High for the participatory level in the team in the last two years.

Was a signing of Marcelino. Wine yielded the first year (2018-19) and then a Purchase option that there was where he signed for three campaigns by the Mestalla club.

Russian always stands out on international dates

Dennis Cheryshev prepares with Russia for the Euro 2021. The end of the Valencia usually surrender with your selection to a Excellent level. There is no more to see your goalscorer and for example, the 2018 World Cup in Russia that curdled where he was the most prominent of his national team. I also dream of seeing the door regularly. This is one of the points that Valencia clings to because it has the transferable poster and hopes that it does not fail in its international appointment to be able to line its exit since it does not count as before.

But In situations like the current one, players smell what there is and Denis Cheryshev has done in the last two months a series of movements what do they indicate that does not want to be offside. On the one hand, it has changed representation agency. He has left the agent he had been with for many years and has opted for a more international kind of agency. Universal you could say.

Cheryshev: advertising before Euro 2021 with Russia

But it is that on the other hand, the player has started an aggressive image campaign since his face figure in several commercial campaigns of food products. In Russia.

Advertising campaign in which Cheryshev has recently participated. / IGR D. Cheyshev

According to the different portals of player appraisal in today’s market, Cheryshev has a value of between 3.5 and four million euros. It cost Valencia around seven million euros when they signed him from Villarreal in July 2019.

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