Cillessen and the closed door of Ajax

ANDl moment of Jasper cillessen it is not the best of all. The Dutch goal it goes from blow to blow, with the cherry on top of having been left out of the Euro after the positive for coronavirus that led his coach De Boer to make a drastic decision. And then there is his situation in Valencia. The club looks for a way out despite everything. If a proposal arrives, the less interesting It has the doors open due to its high cost and one of the options, even last season, was Ajax.

But this door has closed. The tulip club that I had always been after a possible return From the goalkeeper to his ex-club, he has already made plans for the future without Jasper. He has made moves even before the market opened which definitively closed his return options. It was a serious option.

The point is that Ajax has shown, in part the paths through which this market moves. The one about containment. Has renovated Stekelenburg, 38-year-old goal, one more season. Until June 2022, when this same campaign was going to close its stage. And he has searched the free goalkeeper market. Month and a half ago closed a principle according to another veteran Dutch goalkeeper. His name is Remko Pasveer who played for Vitesse and had just finished his contract. 38 years but a bet on veterans at zero cost. Signature for two seasons, until June 2023.

Cillessen’s difficult market due to its current cost

what it was a serious exit option and that pleased the Valencia goalkeeper as a possible solution to your situation has been dissipated and shows what the market is like. Especially for a goalkeeper.

Cillessen arrived at Valencia in July 2019 as a result of the exchange (but in foreign operations) with Neto al Barcelona. Then for accounting purposes the pass was encrypted for 35 million euros. The amortization and salary is very high for Valencia and an extra cost that is hurting him. Cillessen costs him annually between salary and amortization about 13 million of euros. And there is still 50% to be amortized, that is, 17.5 million, which makes it impossible for the operation to be compensated with a sale for those figures.

If Cillessen housed, at 32, the possibility of a return to Ajax -club at the highest level and in Champions competitions- remains by the wayside.

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