Correa, to ‘get up’ one more time

Pa few footballers have had to overcome so many obstacles in your professional career. In the case at hand, that of Angel Correa, also in a life riddled with obstacles that has gone jumping and dribbling one by one. As if he were in one of those paddocks where he grew up and became a footballer before joining Atlético.

As rojiblanco he has always lived with the shadow of suspicion on him. Perhaps the comparisons with El Kun did not help him, but something Correa has done throughout his time with Simeone is to become one of the players who best interprets the coach. From there Cholo’s unshakable trust, hence that symbolic hug on the green of Villamarín before picking up cruising speed and ending up being decisive in the title.

Because that was the 10th in the last League. Their goals after that episode against Betis gave points and caused comebacks. He left his ‘puntín’ in Valladolid on the day of the title, a punch against all those (among the fans, but also among the journalism that saw in him the easiest bag to hit) that made him a habitual suspect of almost all the evils of the Athletic.

When the last League was fastened, the current one started like a motorcycle. Double against Celta, decisive goal for Elche. Three targets, six points, while Luis Suárez was expected to take flight. The 9 is indisputable, but What has taken the Argentine off the wheel have been Griezmann and Joao Félix, the last partners of the Uruguayan while Correa returns from scratch.

Simeone: “You have to take care of Correa”

In fact, he has gone from being the game in the first six LaLiga duels to start on the bench in the last two, against Alavés and Barça. A change of role that does not prevent Simeone from giving him minutes in the rojiblancos’ 10 official games so far this year.

No minutes with Argentina

His departure from eleven coincides with his testimonial presence with Argentina in the current break. Zero minutes, out of the call in the first duel, for a Correa who in the previous break also scored with the albiceleste. Although he has never been the undisputed starter, he has always counted as a shock, something he’s used to before waking up again and again. He always does.

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