Coudet leaves messages with his first cut

Nor is Eduardo Coudet giving away his ears and not minutes either. It demands and goes straight ahead. It barely needed a week of preseason and the making of his first decision, with the list of players who had to move to the concentration of Marbella, to send the first messages.

The first, as might be expected, is that still not counting on Emre Mor and David Costas. They both stay in Vigo and know that if they decide to fulfill, which is totally legitimate, the remaining contract year, what awaits them is a year sitting in the stands. David Costas already knows what that is, since he lived it with the Argentine coach last season, in which he did not play for a minute.

The other message is addressed to several homegrown players. For example, Sergio Carreira He has already known since this Sunday that he is the discarded right back, despite his promising future. Coudet chooses Hugo Mallo and Kevin and Carreira must leave on loan. It has several offers of Second, despite the fact that Celta was hindering him from not extending his contract. The club will have no choice but to find an accommodation for him next year.

Priority a left back

It surprises that Pampin, in the absence of left backs in the first team, have not traveled to Marbella. The youth squad wants to be in the first team and if not look for a way out. Coudet seems clear that he does not have him and, in turn, sends the club a message about the need for a footballer to arrive for that position promptly. Priority, as MARCA pointed out, when it comes to future hiring.

It is also true that the technician, unless necessary, has not been characterized by looking towards the quarry, beyond the grassroots players already contrasted in the first team.

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