Coudet renews with gallons

Eduardo Coudet’s contract extension was not easy and to reach an agreement both parties had to make a significant effort. Beyond the economic agreement, too It represented a change in the club model established so far.

To begin with, Carlos MouriƱo, for the first time, places on his bench a coach with a three-season contract. Seventeen coaches have hired the club owner in his fifteen years as Celta president and all had renewed year after year or, at most, they signed for two seasons that then almost never came to pass. Berizzo remained three years in the position but signing for two years and then renewing one more. That period will be exceeded by the current coach to fulfill the contract signed this Thursday.

With Coudet there was also balance a salary according to your performance. He arrived in November signing one of the lowest contracts as a Primera coach. He did it because it meant a professional leap to come to train in Europe and the risk was worth it but Once the acid test had been passed, there were clubs willing to offer him much more than what he received at Celta. Now your contract improves and guarantees continuity.

Involvement of the coach

But Coudet wanted something more. It is equally important to him have decision-making power, get involved in a project, in a club that has historically been characterized by deciding all sports aspects from the presidency and general direction, almost always well above sports management and hardly counting on the coach.

Now the story changes. Coudet wants to get involved, and in fact is already doing so, in the making of the team. Do it in a coordinated way with the sports management and the property, but that their opinion goes much further than that of an advisory figure. He wants a team made in his image and likeness, with players he trusts.

On it Celta will have to give up what they had not done to date, in return the level of demand from the leaders towards the coach will also be maximum. All parties must adapt to this new scenario, understand the role of each one and avoid friction. Coudet will now have gallons and seems willing to use them for the greater good.

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