Cutrone, Oliva and Ferro: winter reinforcements with no place in Javi Gracia’s Valencia


The three signings that arrived in January have a testimonial presence in the team

ANDl Valencia waited for the last days of January to close his three reinforcements of the winter market, the forward Patrick Cutrone (Wolverhampton); the midfielder Christian Oliva (Cagliari) and the central defender, Ferro (Benfica). The three, today, appear among the winter reinforcements of all LaLiga with less relevance in their respective teams, by games and minutes of play.

With few opportunities in their teams, the three arrived on loan, without a mandatory purchase clause, and without the blessing of coach Javi Gracia. He was the technical secretary Michelangelo Corona which, according to the economic parameters set by the president Anil Murthy, took the steps to get them to sign for Valencia.

The Navarrese coach He was not aware of the incoming reinforcements until they were found in the locker room. In fact, he did not mind publicly admitting that he had no idea that the club was finalizing the incorporation of forward Cutrone, when Nuno, Wolverhampton coach two hours earlier, had referred openly at the exit of the Italian striker.

Disbelieving for what he had happened in the summer market and by the unexpected departure of Kondogbia, Javi Gracia I neither believed nor expected reinforcements to arrive, who were made to wait until January 31. After, They have only played when they were the last option.

Christian Oliva. Midfielder. 4 games (130 minutes)

Is the one plus minutes sum of the three arrived in January. He has participated in four of the seven games in which he has been summoned. He started against Levante-on the day of the four casualties due to sanction that left the center of the field without Racic ni Soler-. The rest have been toloose calving in final sections meeting. In two of them, the game was broken against (Real Madrid and Getafe), but it was determinant his entry into the field in the last minutes against Villarreal. A kickback yours with assistance was the origin of the Guedes comeback (1-2). The truth is that the position of Oliva was the one who seemed to need Javi Gracia the most that on some occasion he had referred to had no defensive pivot in the squad and that is why he exercised those Uros Racic functions. Oliva had played before 396 minutes in 12 games (10 in the League and 2 in the Cup) with Cagliari.

Ferro. Central defense . 2 games (91 minutes)

His presence in Valencia is testimonial. At the moment it is behind Paulista, Diakhaby and Guillamón. And of Mangala it is not yet clear because he has been injured. He had to start against Real Madrid due to the accumulation of casualties – due to injury and sanction – with which he had encountered Javi grace in that match. Its performance It shouldn’t have given him much confidence. He played 1 minute of the next game against Celta and already he has not played againr. Ferro had previously added 308 minutes competition being the Benfica’s central room.

Patrick Cutrone. Forward. 4 games (55 minutes)

It was him signing with more name of those who came to Valencia. However it has been the least used by technician navarror who has preferred to Maxi always as holder or Gameiro the day the Uruguayan was sanctioned. Javi grace Have you seen the option of Kangin or Guedes as a second striker -each one with their characteristics- to line up two points. In fact, he only tried to have them two together for 25 minutes in San Mamés. After he has played 7 ‘(Madrid), 9’ (Getafe) and 14 ‘(Levante)

Before arriving at Valencia, he had played 385 minutes between Fiorentina and Wolverhampton.

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