Del Nido recovers its shares, but must respect the governance pact

Lto shareholding situation of Sevilla is far from stable, although the governance pact signed by all the important actors of the entity in the social plane, causes at least any swell to be contained by that signature made in 2019. A pact that could not be broken. Or with measures so extremely harsh for those who broke it that they invited him to press it twice. Even so, today it has been known that the Provincial Court agrees that, estimating the appeal filed on behalf of José María del Nido Benavente against the Order issued by the Commercial Court No. 3 of Seville, dated October 20, 2020, you must revoke it in its entirety, and instead, reject the precautionary measures interested in the name and representation of José Castro Carmona and the Sevillistas de Nervión entity.

Namely, José María del Nido Benavente regains control over his shareholding package, who at the last Shareholders’ Meeting was represented by his eldest son and current vice president of Sevilla, Jose Maria del Nido Carrasco. You will be able to attend it at the end of the year and vote in line with your ideas, although the Provincial Court itself has stressed that the governance pact, signed in 2019 by José María del Nido with José Castro and the Sevillistas de Nervión society, will remain in force with José Castro as president and José María del Nido Carrasco as vice president, having to try to reach a consensus on the decisions about the future of the entity.

The latter ties the hands of del Nido again, who already announced through the mouth of Sevillistas Unidos 2020, last summer, that his intention was to give him a shareholding shift to the current governance of the Andalusian club and put himself back in charge of Sevilla’s management, with the support of the only non-Sevilla capital within the shareholding map. It remains to be seen how all these issues develop in the coming weeks and months. The intention of the former president is known to all. With the recovery of their actions, the next step, complicated as it may be to take it, is marked.

June 18, 2021 admin

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