Denizli Basket celebrated the championship


Having entered the ING Basketball Super League for the first time in its history as the champion in the Turkish Basketball League, Merkezefendi Belediyesi Denizli Basket celebrated the championship with a ceremony held in the city.

Merkezefendi Municipality organized a cup ceremony for the champion team. The ceremony was attended by İYİ Party Denizli Deputy Yasin Öztürk, Merkezefendi Mayor CHP member Şeniz Doğan, Merkezefendi Municipality Denizli Basket President Veli Deveciler and guests. At the ceremony, the basketball players and the technical delegation, who climbed on the platform set up in the field, lifted the championship trophy with the confetti enthusiastically.

Speaking at the ceremony, club president Veli Deveciler said that they worked hard as a team for the championship and achieved success. Stating that they are setting sail for new successes, Mayor Deveciler said, “We are proud of our players and our technical team. This championship is very important for Denizli. Sports clubs have been struggling to qualify for the Basketball Super League for decades. We achieved this success in a short time. Our goals in the Super League.” “We want to announce the name of our team in the international arena. We want to live exciting and happy days together,” he said.


Merkezefendi Municipality Denizli Basket Coach Zafer Aktaş stated that they won the championship thanks to their belief in each other. Aktaş, who carried the team he took over from the Play-Off line to the championship in the middle of the season, said, “Thank you very much to my players. They did a great job. Being in the Super League will have advantages for our city. Especially young people’s interest in basketball and sports will increase. Good for Denizli Super League. “he spoke.


Team captain Ümit Sonkol said, “We had an unfinished story last year. This season we added our night to our day. We worked hard and reached a happy end. I thank everyone who contributed. I believe we will see happy days altogether.”


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