Emery: “It is time to know how to manage our resources”

The Villarreal coach, forced to rotations due to the accumulation of matches and what is coming in Europe

Unai emery shall manage your template correctly in this final stretch for fight both in the League and in Europe. With matches every three days and with hardly any rest, the coach will wait until the last minute to decide which footballers played against Dinamo Zagreb are in a position to repeat before the I raised. The Basque coach highlights that after the loss to Osasuna your team already has no margin for error to fight for Europe.

No margin for error

“We have to focus tomorrow’s game against Levante and the three points at stake with the idea of, after a good run before playing against Osasuna, to reestablish that dynamic. Losing against Osasuna leaves us without margin and we have to work and focus everything so that the best are on the field of play. “

Cup precedent

“There are many references in games against Levante and we try to analyze and know their qualities. There have been games that, being better, they have won, and others where they have made merits for better results. Just deserving it does not make you win against this team. and we will emphasize it. They have been with the same coach for a long time, they know each other very well, he has many tactical changes and we will try not to be surprised. They have a lot of personality, have the ball, combine, play with pause or accelerate. It’s a match very complete and you have to do something else, be more efficient in your goal and control your part of the game “

Changes in the eleven

“We are going to a team dynamic, of managing resources and trying to look for a good performance. We will look with the players, with the doctor and physical trainer to see how they are. It will be important to see how we are today and tomorrow and then we will decide”

About the Levante

“I hope for the best Levante. They recover Campaña after a long injury, they have Melero and that will give them balance and game alternatives. In the Cup they were very excited, they accused the elimination but they have already recovered. Playing with the joy they have they are A team to take into account. They are taking steps to grow in terms of structures and regularity as a club. Their players are also growing thanks to a great job. We respect all that because they surely want to take another step in the league. If they beat us they will be closer to Europe and they will play with that illusion.

How you see the League

“The top four have remained very solid, even Sevilla can fight the League. Atlético’s regularity is threatened and the league title will be contested. Also, Madrid is in the semifinals of the Champions League and that is good for him Spanish football. The Europa League is not determined either and there are teams that can get into the fight. We focus with importance on tomorrow’s game for everything we want to achieve, which is to be in Europe. And for that we must improve our regularity ” .

Forwards moment

“We have to help all the players feel comfortable. We have three specific nines (Bacca, Alcácer and Niño), and all three have had moments and streaks. The competition is good and we have to take a requirement in the game so that they have Those opportunities. The goals are the product of the team and they must respond to the demands of the duels, to create chances. The performance must be at the levels we want and in that we are not going to lower the demands to grow.

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