En-Nesyri, in the ‘Hall of fame’ of Sevilla’s scorers


The Moroccan, with 24 goals, has one of the best averages among the forwards who have passed through the Andalusian club

ANDSunday will end a long season for him Seville. The Andalusian club has achieved its main objective in The league and still aspires to be in a better position than last year, snatching the third position from Barcelona. A success for the coaching staff and squad, but where there are proper names with an important specific weight. Among them is Youssef En-Nesyri, undisputed scorer of the team. Their 18 league goals (5 has Ocampos as second gunner) and six in the Champions League have placed him among the great gunners of Seville in its recent history. And not so recent. In addition, his scoring average (goals per minute played) also amazes. A full-blown battering ram.

Top scorers

  1. 08/07 Luis Fabiano: 34 goals
  2. 89/90 Toni Polster: 33 goals
  3. 12/13 Álvaro Negredo: 31 goals
  4. 18/19: Ben Yedder: 30 goals
  5. 15/16 Gameiro: 29 goals
  6. 14/15 Bacca: 28 goals
  7. 07/06 Kanouté: 28 goals
  8. 11/10 * Negredo: 26 goals
  9. 93/94 Suker: 25 goals
  10. 20/21 En-Nesyri: 24 goals (with one game remaining)

All those great scorers that Sevilla has had, likewise, took advantage of luck from eleven meters to help the team from that facet. Even last year Lucas Ocampos, top gunner with 17 targets, also increased his account with his determination when taking penalties. En-Nesyri is not a specialist in this luck and has only taken one of the penalties that have been whistled at the Seville. It was in Dortmund in the knockout stages of the Champions League. He scored. That night he scored a double, one of three that helped him finish with six goals in his debut in the top continental competition.

Best goals per minute ratio

  1. 89/90 Toni Polster: 95 ‘
  2. 07/08 Luis Fabiano: 97 ‘
  3. 12/13 Negredo: 114 ‘
  4. 20/21 En-Nesyri: 121 ‘
  5. 15/16 Gameiro: 123 ‘
  6. 17/18 Ben Yedder: 125 ‘
  7. 93/94 Suker: 126 ‘
  8. 14/15 Bacca: 128 ‘
  9. 06/07 Kanouté: 133 ‘
  10. 03/04 Baptista: 136 ‘

The Sevilla and its sports director, MonchiThey know that they have found a scorer whose numbers place him among the great successes in this area in recent years. It was not easy to replace the scoring facility of Ben yedder and it was found after not looking too hard. As in its day it was necessary to replace Gameiro, Negredo or Luis Fabiano. Players who have marked the history of Sevilla. En-Nesyri already has a title behind him plus two qualifications for the Champions League. And alone 23 years. Also, a market closely following in his footsteps. En-Nesyri wants to round off his great year on Sunday against him Alaves. Has already given 19 points to Sevilla in League. The best of his records.

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