Erdem Can is proud to be the first Turkish assistant coach to serve in the NBA.

Having parted ways with Fenerbahçe Beko and signed with the American Basketball League team Utah Jazz, Erdem Can is proud and happy to be the first Turkish assistant coach to serve in the NBA.

Erdem Can started his basketball career in the capital Ankara. Playing in Sümerbank and Mülkiyespor here, Can worked as an assistant coach at Türk Telekom and Olin Edirne after his basketball career ended. Erdem Can, who also took part in the technical team of the New Zealand National Team in the 2006 World Basketball Championship held in Japan, also undertook the task of head coach in Olin Edirne.

Erdem Can, who graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences, started to work in Fenerbahçe in 2012. Assisting the legendary Serbian head coach Zeljko Obradovic for many years in the yellow-dark blue team, Can won a THY Europa League, 4 leagues and 3 Turkish Cups during this period. Erdem Can, who was in the technical team of Serbian coach Igor Kokoskov, who was appointed to replace Obradovic in the past season, took the path of the NBA upon an offer from the Utah Jazz.

Erdem Can made a statement to AA correspondent after he parted ways with Fenerbahçe Beko and reached an agreement with the Utah Jazz.

Stating that he had received offers from NBA teams before, but Fenerbahce did not accept him because of his goals, Can said, “This year I worked as an assistant coach in the Utah Jazz in the NBA Summer League. They invited me to the club close to my return process. They told me about the project in their minds about me. This project was very attractive and exciting to me. It’s a first. Being in an important position in a strong team in the league was very attractive and exciting. In order to develop more, you need to know how to go to new goals sometimes in life. I thought this is an important opportunity and offered the offer. I agreed.” used the phrases.

Expressing that he is very happy and proud to be the first Turkish assistant coach to serve in the NBA, Erdem Can expressed the following views:

“I am very proud. I am very proud of my family, my country and my club Fenerbahce. I also put a lot of effort, Fenerbahce also has a lot of effort in me. As a Fenerbahce fan, I feel comfortable about everything I do. I’m going with pride. To proudly represent my country, my name and my family is one of my life goals. I’m very happy.”

“My goal is to be shown as the best coach possible”

Erdem Can noted that he wanted to represent Turkey in the best way by achieving great success in the NBA and in Europe.

Reminding that he has served in the NBA Summer League 6 times in his career, Can said, “I have always aimed for the highest point in my life. My goal is to be shown as the best coach possible. Returning to Europe as a head coach stronger and representing his country proudly by winning many trophies. to be a coach. To be a coach who can improve himself in the NBA and reach the best possible place at the end of a certain period. Time will tell. I try to move forward in a planned and motivated way. The Utah Jazz is a team that aims to be a championship. My goal is to be in that team and win the championship. “To be able to wear the ring. To bring this to my country for the first time. My goal is to represent my name and my country in the best possible way by achieving the greatest possible success in Europe or in the NBA.” he said.

Asked about his goal of becoming a head coach in the NBA, Erdem Can said, “This is a very difficult process. It is very difficult for any European coach to be adopted as a head coach in the NBA. However, there is no such thing as impossible. If we can do it, we will be happy.” replied.

“I hope the days will come when we will be worthy of that appreciation”

Erdem Can said the following about whether he received an offer for the head coach position in the yellow-dark blue team after he parted ways with Obradovic and Kokoskov, for whom he undertook his assistants:

“Working with Obradovic is a very important and special thing. It is a process that has developed and transformed you as a coach, outlook on life and as a person. After Obradovic left, if it had been another head coach instead of Igor Kokoskov, it would have been difficult for me to stay as an assistant coach. “I knew him well, his basketball knowledge impressed me a lot. I was told from the outside that I was a candidate at the end of the process, but you know how this process works. I am not the decision maker in these matters either. Appreciation should be approached with respect. I hope the days will come when we will be worthy of that appreciation.”

Expressions of praise from Obradovic

Zeljko Obradovic used laudatory expressions about Erdem Can, with whom he worked for many years in Fenerbahçe.

The Serbian head coach said in an interview he gave while he was the head of the yellow-dark blue team, “Erdem approaches basketball from my perspective. We both love this game very much. He is now able to be the head coach of the team instead of me. I’m sure he will be a great head coach one day.” had commented.

Stating that he met with Obradovic after receiving an offer from the Utah Jazz, Erdem Can said, “Many people say, ‘Obradovic is my mentor.’ but my relationship with Obradovic is a little closer. He is really a mentor for me. I always talk to him about many things.” expressed an opinion.


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