Fiorentina wins tribute to Astori and Jarque on penalties

Lto Fiorentina won by penalties (4-2) against Spanish in the charity trophy ‘Unbeatables Cup’, in tribute to captains who died prematurely Davide Astori and Dani Jarque, after drawing 0-0 in a quiet preseason game.

The Italian side’s first chance was perhaps the best of the first half, when, in minute 4, Saponara took advantage of the cracks in the band Victor Gomez and with a low kick he looked for the net, but Diego Lopez he repelled it very attentive.

The Spanish He then tried to dominate the ball in a very slow-paced match, far from the speed of other commitments that he had starred in in the preseason the blue and white team.

After two poisoned centers, first of Raúl de Tomás and after Pedrosa, the Fiorentina reacted with a new warning in the 13th minute, at the exit of a corner, with a header from the center-back Martinez Quarta.

The homage meeting stopped at minute 13 to applaud Davide asori, captain of the Italian team who died in March 2018, at age 31, from a cardiorespiratory arrest, and stopped again at 21, to remind Dani jarque, who died on August 8, 2009 from a heart attack when he was 26 years old.

After the stops, the transalpine team again tried the defense of the Spanish, Y David Lopez avoided going to the ground the goal of Bonaventura.

The first shot of the Spanish did not arrive until minute 45, through Raúl de Tomás, who after a good maneuver tried it from afar.

The second half started with more rhythm, with Vicente Moreno’s men looking to activate Embarba on the right band already Wu lei to the left.

Precisely the Spanish winger enjoyed the first good chance perica in the match, in minute 51, thanks to a free-kick that forced the goalkeeper Dragowski to pick up the ball from the squad.

Moreno entered the 56th Nico Melamed, Keidi Baré and Fran Mérida, but again the next approach to the goal was enjoyed by the Fiorentina, in ’67, with a cross shot from Vlahovic what happened licking the stick of Diego Lopez.

The blue and white, this time dressed in red, responded four minutes later, but Wu lei he sent up his shot to pass the death of Embarba when he was in front of the small area.

From Thomas he prowled the goal on two other occasions until the end of the regulation 90 minutes, although the effort of the Madrid player could not avoid the penalty shoot-out. Finally, the failures from the eleven meters of Embarba and Fran Mérida gave victory to Fiorentina 4-2 in the decisive set.

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