Girona – Rayo as a farewell match

ANDl Girona – Lightning will make a difference in Vallecas When it comes to drawing up the squad for the coming season, that is clear, especially in one respect: it may be the farewell match for several players from the franjirrojo club.

Among those who end the contract and end a loan, there are eight players who are facing what may be their last game with the strip, although among them there are some whose continuity is simpler than that of others. Alberto Garcia, Emiliano Velazquez, Baby, Leo Ulloa Y Miguel Angel Guerrero finalize contract, while Antoñín, Ivan Martos and Fran García complete assignment.

Baby is the one with the most options to renew. In an interview with BRAND Radio made it clear that he wanted to be in the Lightning “until they kick him out” and David Cobeño, Sports Director entity, has already explained on occasion that there will be no problems in this regard. Velazquez, for its part, has a good sign in South America, although in Vallecas they would not frown upon its continuity.

Baby, with the ball, against Ponferradina
Baby, with the ball, against PonferradinaJOSU MONDELO

In case of Fran garcia It is different. Rayo has a purchase option on the Real Madrid footballer that he can exercise and that is around two million euros for 50% of the player’s rights, an amount that does not seem very high considering the performance of the left back. In case of promotion it seems difficult not to see the franjirrojo club exercising that right and even staying in Second seems a more than successful decision.

Another on which the Ray has a purchase option is Iván Martos, but in this case mandatory as long as it rises. Here it is not worth a decision that is worth, so its continuity is linked to what happens before the Girona. The rest of the footballers have their future in limbo and it will be from this Monday when their future begins to clarify.

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