Gökhan Gökşin: Combined sales will start in the coming days

Yukatel Merkezefendi Municipality, which played its games without fans due to the coronavirus pandemic, while being the champion in the Turkish Basketball League last season, is excited to meet its fans in its first year in the ING Basketball Super League.

Turkish Basketball Federation (TBF) announced that 50 percent of the capacity of the halls and all the capacity of the lodges will be accepted in the 2021-2022 season. Gökhan Gökşin, the vice-president of Merkezefendi, evaluated the attendance of the spectators to the matches with 50 percent capacity and said, “As of the coming days, combined sales will start. The Super League teams were waiting for this decision to come out. This is a very important decision for us and the clubs.”

Gökşin said, “The decision of TBF with 50 percent spectators made us happy. We look forward to the day when the people of Denizli will meet with the champion team. Hopefully, an environment that can be played with 100 percent spectators will be created as soon as possible. The work of our board of directors regarding combines and lodges continues. Uncertainty until today. He was the judge of the audience, but now that this has disappeared, we will determine the combinations and lodges as soon as possible and announce to the people of Denizli as soon as possible. Veli Tefenlili, the vice president of the club, said that they were very happy to meet the audience. “We are very happy. We are excitedly waiting for our first league match to be played in Denizli,” said Tefenlili. (DHA)

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