Haroyan, a ‘soldier’ ​​from Caparrós, could be the first reinforcement of Cádiz


The 28-year-old Armenian defender matches the defender announced by Vizcaíno

TO Throughout the week there has been talk of a signing announced by President Manuel Vizcaíno just get salvation, what claimed to have tied the first player for the next season but did not reveal who it was. Well, after several guesses, in Armenia they assume that the signing is that of Varazdat Haroyan, Armenian central.

In the absence of confirmation from the Cadista club, from Armenia it is assumed that the incorporation of Haroyan is a reality and could be announced once this season is over.

Vizcaíno’s words were the following: “We have already signed a footballer for next season. He is going to make us grow, but I still can’t say the name. Is a defender“.

And he fits perfectly with this Armenian central defender named Varazdat Haroyan and that plays for FC Astana of Kazakhstan. Have 28 years old, he is international with his country and coincidentally the coach of Armenia is the Sevillian Joaquín Caparrós that he maintains a good relationship with Vizcaíno and that could have been key in his recommendation.

Cádiz has not made the agreement official yet, but a center-back is one of the demands made by Cervera who begins to build the team for next season around defense and a jExperienced player who will have to prove himself in one of the best leagues in the world, after serving in minor leagues throughout his career.

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