Huesca vs Athletic: Win to have life


Huesca, to the limit to hold on to First

Ganar is life. Even more so when LaLiga is three games away from throwing the blind. In the case of Huesca, this afternoon is survival. Athletic, which is not there to give away, also wants to take advantage of the El Alcoraz appointment to put a good face on its end of the season. The Huesca players play for permanence and the lions to close the course with the feeling that Europe could have been a target.

Necessity and illusion mix in equal parts in this final stretch of the season in which Huesca is looking to find the final key to achieve a historic dream. Achieve permanence in the First Division for the first time. And both things must converge against Athletic. From the defensive order and the energy in the pressure in the opposite field to forgetting the qualifying situation in which the team has found itself to once again find courage and joy as fundamental ingredients to achieve the final goal game after game, starting with Athletic .

Reasons for joy for Pacheta are also knowing that he can once again count on Jorge Pulido and Jaime Seoane, two players that the Barça team missed at Carranza and will start again. Huesca need to find victory again and also do something that they have not done so far this season, to achieve two consecutive victories at Alcoraz for the first time.

An Athletic without defeats

Huesca’s goal collides with the dynamics of Athletic, which since Marcelino’s arrival has been a team with few defeats. Very few. The lions have bent the knee in LaLiga against Barcelona (2 times) and Atlético. The rest of the occasions have scored, although with few victories to consolidate that strength in the form of a European position. Good proof is that throughout the season the team has been unable to win two games in a row

Marcelino is presented with a minimum call: only 17 players because he has one confined by coronavirus (Lekue) and seven injured. He has decided not to touch the subsidiary, which this Sunday opens the promotion phase to the Smartbank League.

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