Igor Kokoskov: Thank you very much to Marko.

Fenerbahçe Beko Head Coach Igor Kokoskov made statements about the 76-71 victory against Olympiakos and Marko Guduric.

Speaking after the match, Igor Kokoskov opened brackets to Marko Guduric’s desire to stay with the basketball family and contribute to the team, and he said:

“It was a very tough game, psychologically. We played against a very good team, but psychologically they were a little more relaxed, but overall it was still a tough game. There is another important issue I want to mention; Marko Guduric lost a very important family member today and wanted to be with his basketball family. I want to thank him very much, finding this energy, being here with us and trying to contribute to the game is really a great thing. Thank you very much for that too. “

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