Imanol: “We want to be fifth, we have made merits, but we need three more wins”


The txuriurdin coach wants to finish this season in style and has already done his math to repeat qualification for the Europa League

Imanol Alguacil believes that his Real Sociedad will need three more victories to be able to hold on in the fifth position that he occupies or, at least, in the sixth, and he hopes his players will play well tomorrow against Elche to achieve, for now, the first of them. The one from Orio sees all the teams giving the limit of their strength in this final stretch of the championship.

Imanol has spoken, in the first place, of the returns to the call of Illarramendi and Zubeldia. “Everyone knows what is at stake and you are already seeing in other teams as well how the players do everything possible to be available. With some pain? Yes, but the good news is that Asier is back and Igor wants too. Is Silva already to start? It is important, there is no doubt about that, it is differential. There are them in all the teams and in Real one of them is David, that is so, but when he is not I do not look for excuses, “he explained.

He has been told that winning this Friday the pass to Europe would be almost done. “Oh no! I think that in order to qualify we are going to have to win at least three games, so we face all four with that intention. We are going to go game by game, now thinking about taking tomorrow’s game. I insist, I think minimum You have to win three more games, because a Villarreal who was made thinking about the Champions League is coming from behind, the other is Betis, and Granada and Athletic also come out there, “he warned.

Imanol has been ambitious when talking about the four days that remain. “We want to be fifth, we want to be the first after the four giants that are unattainable. We are not satisfied with the Cup, we want to maintain the fifth place in which we are, because we have made merits for it, we do not want to lose that position. we got it, it would be a smash hit “, he assured.

The one from Orio has been questioned, one more day, about the physical condition of his players, they seem tired. “The normal thing is that all deposits are fair, especially having played Europa League. I insist that, if you analyze, it would be difficult to say which team is above all. I think we are all the same. I see my team well on a physical level and mentality, what we have to do is win. The deposit at 50%? We have it one hundred percent, I push my players to the limit and they want to, “he said.

We have questioned him whether or not he likes to play ahead of Betis and Villarreal. “I do not care about these things, you call me strange. Playing before, after or at the same time is what matters the least to me, what I want is for an ambitious Real to look, with desire, that leaves the fans satisfied with what that he does and proposes “, he pointed out.

Elche, like Huesca, is playing the permanence and it will be very complicated. “All the games are difficult, it does not matter the teams are fighting for the Champions League or for permanence. What teams are you seeing play well? Which teams do you see strong? Let’s see if we are fine and right, and we define well, to to be able to take advantage of it “, he wished.

Imanol has gone into more details when analyzing the Elche team. “He retreats and joins well, makes the game very difficult, they are very strong in transitions, because he has very fast people upstairs. He has a reference like Boyé, who lowers the balls well, he has Piatti, Carrillo, Pere Milla … Even though he’s down, he’s doing things well and he’s not going to make it easy for us, “he said.

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