Juanma García knocks down the iron wall of Calagur in the extension


Both teams starred in an even match at Don Benito who opted in favor of Burgos CF

ANDl Burgos CF It is the second team classified for the second round of the promotion phase to the Second Division after defeating Calahorra 1-0 with a goal from Juanma García from a penalty in extra time, which had been reached with a 0-0 draw.

After the regulation 90 minutes in which the Riojan team was superior but failed to beat the goal Marcelo barovero, football fans vibrated with an extension full of opportunities and the goal that allows Julián Calero’s team to dream of LaLiga SmartBank.

Domain of the Diego Martinez during the first stages of the match, which on several occasions made goalkeeper Barovero work, especially in a shot from Carrique that cleared for a corner and in which he could have discomfort.

The first shot on goal by the whites reached the 27 minutes, a clear symptom of how the scoring was developing.

Riojans and Castilians repeated the same story in the second half, possession of the ball and some opportunities from the former, although the latter tried to make high pressure and also had theirs in a corner center that he finished off Cordova.

From then until the final stretch, the Extremaduran heat wreaked havoc on both teams’ game and the pace slowed as the shadow of extra time loomed over Don Benito.

Undabarrena for Burgos he tried Roberto, who cut the leather without problems, Rayco for Calahorra sent a shot from the front of the area and none avoided the extra 30 minutes of extra time, in which the Burgos started with an advantage, since they were first in group 1, while Martínez’s were fourth in group 2.

It seemed that everything was saved for this section of the game because first the Riojans were able to get ahead in the electronic with El Haddadi and Rayco and, nevertheless, Roberto committed a penalty on Saúl Berjón, the best of the whites, in the 95th minute, and striker Juanma was in charge of transforming him.

The Calahorra, who had to score two goals to pass the round, continued in his efforts with the danger of El Haddadi but the fatigue and the blow of the goal were too hard for the feat of the comeback.

Burgos go to the second round of the promotion phase to Second division, which will be raffled this Monday in Badajoz will be held next weekend.

Data sheet

1 – Burgos: Barovero; Álvaro, Elgezabal, Zabaco, Navarro; Mumo (Javi Gómez, m.105), Locksmith (Córdoba, m.46) (Leak, m.112), Undabarrena; Guillermo (Medina, m.60), Saúl Berjón (Alarcón, m.112) and Juanma (Lobato, m.103).

0 – Calahorra: Robert; Carrique, Cristian “Titi” (Santamaría, m.86), Borja (Jordi Ortega, m.105), Ramón; Álvarez, Víctor, Soto (Rayco, m.68), Fran Sota (El Haddadi, m.68); Amorrortu (Fran Rodríguez, m.80) and Mártinez-Losa (Nierga, m.80).

Goal: 1-0, m.95: Juanma

Referee: Quintero González, from the Andalusian school. He admonished Saúl Berjón (min. 45), Cerrajeria (min. 46+), Elgezabal (min.68) and Álvaro (min. 100), from Burgos; and to Fran Sota (min.51), from Calahorra.

Incidents: Match of the first round of the promotion phase from Second Division B to Second, played at the Vicente Sanz municipal stadium.

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