Kayseri Basketball’s 2 foreign transfers passed the health check

Renata Brezinova and Egle Siksnuite, the foreign transfers of Bellona Kayseri Basketball, one of the HERBALIFE Nutrition Women’s Basketball Super League teams, passed the health check.

Before the 2021-2022 season, Czech basketball player Renata Brezinova and Lithuanian Egle Siksnuite, transferred by Bellona Kayseri Basketball, passed internal medicine, ear-nose-throat, cardiology, EKG controls and exercise tests in a private hospital. Renata Brezinova, who made a statement after the health check, said, “I have goals. I want to contribute to the team, especially in the European Cup.” Egle Siksnuite said, “I am very happy to be in Kayseri. I came to Kayseri two more times while playing in Izmit Belediye. I am happy to be here. I always want to earn more. I say to myself ‘why not get better’. Women’s Europa League’ “I want to go as far as I can go,” he said.


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