Kondogbia will not last another year in the shade

Geoffrey kondogbia fulfilled his dream signing for him Athletic out of any deadline last October. It was happy. I was going to a top European team and a leader in the championship. And all this was corroborated with the League title harvested. Everything was happiness … collective. But not personally because inside himself he saw that there was no fullness. His first year as an athletic player has been rather discreet.

While is true that enter the dynamics of a team made although Diego Pablo Simeone wanted him as a clear replacement for Thomas when he signed by surprise for Arsenal it has not been easy at all. And to the numbers you have to refer. To the Central African Republic midfielder it has taken a lot of effort to have minutes. He has barely started – his first two full duels were in the Cup against lower-category teams such as Cardassar and Cornellá and his first start in a serious game was against Celta in the League … four months after arriving at Wanda! . And it has entered the games with a dropper.

He has played 774 minutes and started in just 6 games with Atlético

He has played 774 minutes in a season. Some numbers that for a player of his level are more than short. He knows it and is clear about it. 27 games but their presence has been rather testimonial in the vast majority of them. In 12 of them he entered to play less than 15 minutes. The figures for a player of that caliber are rather poor.

Well As MARCA has learned from his closest environment, Kondogbia expects one more step from Atlético. Specifically of the ‘Cholo’ Simeone. Is second season It has to be the one of the consecration in the training of the Argentine coach. He has let the first time pass, the one he supposed breaking the ice, that of the entry of a ‘new’ to the dynamics made of a solid team, but it is no longer enough. It will not be. The words … and the deeds.

Dressed in colchonero and forced the machine by tensing Valencia because they told him he would be an important player … And Kondogbia is going to demand a step more seen than seen This exercise. He does not consider himself a player of 15, seven, 30 minutes … to give a graphic example of what there is and what has remained as dynamic this season. Another year like this with Kondogbia is going to be very difficult to digest inside. Wait for a gesture. And if not, we will have to talk about his role and the future.

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