La Ponferradina offers to renew Yuri … more than one season

LPonferradina wants extend the relationship of its captain and top scorer, Yuri de Souza, for more than one season, as confirmed by the president of the Bercian entity, Jose Fernandez Nieto. “Yuri is going to play for more than a year at Deportiva and it only remains to clarify some issues, but almost certainly an agreement will be reached for two seasons,” he advanced. the sportsman president who has never hidden his weakness for the Brazilian player whom he brought to the team more than a decade ago and who, except for a brief one-year stint in China, has participated in the growth of the team.

Yuri is going to play for more than a year at Deportiva and all that remains is to clarify some issues, but almost certainly an agreement will be reached for two seasons.

José Fernández Nieto, president of the Ponferradina

The renewal of Ponferradina’s all-time top scorer and that it has also been since his arrival to the team in the Silver Division It is a matter, according to Fernández Nieto, “of days”. Along with the continuity of the veteran player -38 years old- work is also being done to extend the transfer of some players whose performance has satisfied the coaching staff and with whom it is intended to continue counting, cases of the goalkeeper Jose Antonio Caro, the side Moi Delgado, both from Real Valladolid, or the extremes Curro Sánchez and Pablo Valcarce.

In the case of the former, if he finally ended up landing in the Levante, as is being speculated, the good relations between both entities could make it easier for him to continue in the Berciano team as long as he did not enter into the plans of the Levantine team. As for the ponferradino Pablo Valcarce will try to negotiate the possible arrival of the player in property, since he only has one season left with Mallorca, as long as the vermilions do not choose to extend their contract and use the same formula so as not to completely disassociate themselves from the player.

In the window’

The outstanding performance of some of the members of the sports team has aroused the interest of other clubs with greater economic and sporting potential, a situation in which the midfielder could find themselves Oscar Sielva and the Romanian U21 international defender Alexandru Pascanu, although this one has committed one more season of cession by the Cluj.

In both cases, the president of Deportiva is aware that “If the established clauses are paid there would be little to do”, because he also wants to make it clear that, as in other previous cases, “The progression of any player will never be cut because you have to understand their wishes”, He said.

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