Lamar Jackson: Baltimore Ravens quarterback’s potential is ‘off the charts’, says former NFL defensive back DeAngelo Hall

Good morning footballPeter Schrager: “Lamar puts on the show week after week, and he continues to dispel all the myths that he can’t play a quarterback.” Watch Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens host the Los Angeles Chargers live Sky Sports NFL on Sunday from 18:00

Lamar Jackson is finishing his best game of his already impressive NFL career, with quarterback Baltimore Ravens throwing 442 yards and four touchdowns and also diving 62 in the return win over the Indianapolis Colts on Monday. night.

Jackson has a 34-8 career record as a starter since being picked 32nd in the 2018 NFL Draft and was named MVP of the league in 2019, but is often criticized by QB for relying too much on his feet. to help your team out of trouble and can’t win big games based solely on hand talent.

Monday night’s overtime win, in which Jackson completed a staggering 86% of his passes – a new NFL record for a quarterback with over 400 yards – has somewhat dispelled that myth, but former NFL defender De Angelo Hall believes Jackson is only “Scratches the surface” of his talent.

“Lamar played crazy football,” Hall said. Good morning football (weekdays, 12:00, Sky Sports NFL).

“Actually, I was the one who said that Lamar should take the next step. Yes, he won the MVP, but he did it with a limited number of shots, so the potential is off the charts with what this guy could be when he sits down. he still sees protection in his pocket.

Highlights of the thrilling battle between the Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football Week 5.

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Highlights of the thrilling battle between the Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football Week 5.

“What you saw last night is the end result of what Lamar is capable of.

“I really don’t think he’s a finished product, even though it was an amazing game. I tell you that it only scratches the surface.

“He can always run, but now teams have to guard him a little differently because he can get out of his pocket and play amazing.

“Lamar is now proving everyone is wrong.”

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