List A of the Europa League, another determining factor in planning

TO waiting to resolve your situation regarding the salary limit of The league or make it more flexible in today’s delegate commission meeting to be able to make some more additions to the staff, especially in the center of defense, the Betis continues to take steps these days from the offices in its sports planning with several pending movements, both outbound and inbound, and an additional determining factor: List A of the UEFA Europa League.

With its classification for the second continental competition, the Verdiblanco club must add to the management of its squad the fact of having to facilitate the UEFA On September 2 at 11:59 p.m. as the deadline, coinciding with the closing of the transfer market, two lists of players for the group stage of the competition: the so-called List A, made up mainly of players from the first team, and a List B of homegrown players (players born after January 1, 2000 with two consecutive seasons at the club or three interrupted by a maximum of one year on loan).

A list of 25 with two important requirements

The List A, with a maximum of 25 players of which at least two must be goalkeepers, it must include at least eight players trained in Spain (between 15 and 21 years of age they have played at least three seasons in clubs in our country), of which at least four must be footballers trained at the club (at least three seasons in the different categories of the Betis between 15 and 21 years). A quota that, with the current configuration of the squad, has a difficult fit …

For the number of players trained in our country the Betis it has no problem. Account in your template with Bartra, Alex Moreno, Channels, Camarasa, Tello, Borja Iglesias placeholder image and several more that allow you to meet the requirement with ease. However, to reach the four places of players trained in the Betis yes there are more complications that directly affect the structuring they carry out Antonio Cordon and the Sports Commission.

Only Joaquín, Rodri and Rober comply

Pellegrini has right now, except for homegrown players like Dani Rebollo, Calderon or Kike Beautiful who are in the ‘stage’ of Marbella, of 28 footballers. Of all of them, only three meet this requirement of having spent three years of their training in the Betis. Is about Joaquin, Rodri Y Rober. Other players from their lower categories such as Edgar, Paul, Loren, Ruibal, Yassin or Miranda do not comply, so they would not allow reaching that minimum of four required by the UEFA.

Thus, although the Betis could fit into your current squad so that everyone had a tab in The league giving the subsidiary’s number to Rober, Rodri Y Miranda, who by age can legally alternate first and second team (they can enter the European list with the number of Betis Deportivo no problem), you would have to leave it out of List A of the Europa League to at least four players. A situation that many other clubs have experienced in previous seasons, but in Heliopolis they want to avoid lightening their workforce between now and the market close.

The option of signing a former veteran like Ceballos

If we take into account that a center-back has yet to arrive, to meet the quota of at least eight players trained in Spain, four of them in the Betis, and that the entire staff could enter List A of the UEFA At least five footballers would have to leave the squad in the coming weeks. A figure that could only be reduced in two ways: by leaving players off the European list or by signing a former veteran who meets the requirement of having spent three years of training at the club to replace any of those who leave (an example would be Dani ceballos).

Joel robles, due to the high competition in the goal, and Sidnei, with which he does not have Pellegrini, are two of the names that are on the exit ramp. But to avoid having to leave someone unenrolled in Europe the Betis he must lighten his squad a bit more between now and September 2. Edgar, with a market, would be another option to make room when the long-awaited central arrives, since Kike Beautiful, who can alternate the subsidiary and the first team, could act as the fourth defender. But two more names would still be missing … a puzzle that Cord Y Pellegrini try to solve these days.

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